Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released


Have anyone noticed that the baggage scanners change icons after you save your airport and reload it


Did you reach 3 star conditions already?


Anybody else having issues with refuelling trucks not being dispatched? Also, security seem to have reverted to the old ways where all PAX queues to one checkpoint. Is this just me? I could swear that 3 weeks ago it worked perfectly


BTW which airlines is using A321?


Have you bug reported these issues?

I have two bug reports on security queue issues but no saves attached (probably too large), so would need an additional report or save data to look into this.


I can but report it when I get home after work. The save is likely to be large as I have expanded the default map size. I could send the save file via some other platform if needed. Should I report refuelling and security separately?

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Does star level have something to do with planes?

I find it odd that my 2 star airport is getting 757s but not A321s.

(and no, it’s not 3 star because I’m waiting on multifloors to build my baggage systems)


@Olof Do saves automatically attach when filling out a bug report through the game? :thinking:


Ah makes sense then, no that’s fine, you can send the zipped files to support [ a t ] airportceo [ d o t ] com! :slight_smile:

Yes, they do, but in some cases it can fail due to either network access issues or save game file size.


When will we see the new tutorial,@Alexander?


No devblog?


Dev logs are every two weeks


An update anytime soon??


Shame on me. Forgot to renew the contracts^^


Yes I have noticed it for a couple of weeks now. I bug reported it earlier ACEO-11615


No update today, new experimental version tomorrow with general bug fixes and new tutorial panel for internal! :slight_smile:


Bug 11631, I think the old bug where passengers only use one boarding desk even though a 2nd one is available.


Most definitely today :smiley:

It’s been more work than I initially expected but I always want to make sure everything is fully functional and is living up to expectations before pushing it. We are confident this will be a big upgrade from the previous tutorial (even though the steps originates from it): Shallow in the UI and can stay as a checklist with a keyboard shortcut for quick access, an introduction for complete beginners, and many individual steps have a helping image (needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time with the Snipping Tool).

I’m looking forward to have all of you try it out and give feedback on it!


Excellent! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Good evening!

Alpha 30.0-2 was just deployed on the experimental branch and is the last deployment for this week. Next week we will focus fully on getting Alpha 30 to the default branch with continued bug fixes, improvements and work on new features.

Alexander has just finished his sprint on the new tutorial panel which will be launched on the internal branch, but most likely a part of Alpha 30 for default. After that he will start working on localizing Airport CEO! :smiley:

Next week is dev blog week so we have, as you can see, a lot of interesting stuff to talk about.

Here’s the change log for Alpha 30:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 30.0-2


  • [ACEO-11416] - Lacking saftey check for ramp agent turnaround service can cause aircraft to deadlock during turnaround
  • [ACEO-11440] - Ramp agent transfer from stand by service car job task is immediately cancelled when the flight's turnaround is complete
  • [ACEO-11448] - Ramp agent job task generation for baggage bays are duplicated
  • [ACEO-11591] - Ramp agents can break out of stand service round on remote stand causing stranded ramp agents
  • [ACEO-11608] - Ambient sounds paused and unpaused by all time speed settings
  • [ACEO-11638] - Rooms invoke "power on" sound effect when opening or closing