Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released


There should be a pop-up that says “You’ve been playing for 3 straight hours, maybe you should stretch” :joy::joy: #addict

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Lol, my record in Anno 1404 was a 10h warning :smiley:


115k people, in 1 map, is a lot! - 47,5h gametime.


Shops are still making noises when they open/close.


I see aircrafts being late, because their baggage doesn’t get loaded. There are no ramp agents on the stand. Service round and baggage unloading got completed. Fresh started airport in 30.0-2 (my airport for the default test airport competition). It’s not happening for every flight, but at the medium remote stand: ACEO-11706

edit: Just watching the next flight on this specific stand:
The service car waits at the service car stop for the ramp agents, but they are already on the stand working. I’d guess they walked there: ACEO-11708

After finished baggage unloading and service round, the ramp agents start to move back to the terminal (also, the service car moves to the stand, to pick them up, but it drives empty back, as the ramp agents already where gone by walking). The service truck with baggage to load was already waiting on the stand, when the ramp agents started to walk back.

edit2: I watched the following flight too, the same happens. Ramp agents leave, after they finished baggage unloading and service round (this time, service truck was still loading in the baggage bay)

Other stands - small ones, medium non-remote ones - doesn’t seem to be affected. Don’t have other medium remote stands in this savegame though.

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I’ve had the same issue and submitted a bug report with a different number, can’t remember what number it was though


Press f10, then click on ‘reset ramp agents’


It’s not that these ramp agents vanish, they just think they have already finshed their jobs. Tried the reset anyway, but just as I expected, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.


Another bug report:

All 2nd tier baggage scanners get replaced with organics scanners after a reload of a savegame: ACEO-11712

Can anyone confirm?


Yep I have heard a couple of other people report this (ACEO-11615)

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Hey all! We’re back from a completely offline weekend with new regained strength.

Looking into more sound issues for Alpha 30 as reported. Have found another bug with queue distribution after a series of new reports, this has been patched and a verified working fix for Alpha 30.0-3 later today. Will look into all other issues reported today as well too.

And yes, there’ll be a new round of dev blog for later today! :slight_smile:


First update of the week, Alpha 30.0-3 with the following fixes is being rolled out to the experimental branch now:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 30.0-3


  • [ACEO-10477] - Passengers select random secure zone exits causing long distance paths
  • [ACEO-11586] - If no available transit structure exist in the world, despawned transportation vehicles can deadlock if not having already visited such a structure
  • [ACEO-11587] - Persons leaving the airport do not account for transit structure availability causing delayed activity execution if a certain object type is not available
  • [ACEO-11712] - Second tier conveyor belt scanner gets overridden with organics type on deserialization
  • [ACEO-11718] - Double negation of measurement variable cause persons not to distribute correctly between security check-points
  • [ACEO-11730] - Poor loop implementation can cause belt loader and stair truck to stall during turnaround job task process

More info on the development path ahead will come in this evening’s dev blog!

Baggage scanner

WOW! Even dev blog today! :open_mouth:

Great job devs!


Still going strong

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Spent two good hours assembling content for this evening’s dev blog and just as I was about to publish it, it got deleted by a stupid CMS editor refresh feature… should have made backups but didn’t so will have to redo it tomorrow, sorry about this - lessons learned. :frowning:


Know that feeling, It sucks.


Oh that… I made livery and didn’t save so… I understand

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Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, the word processor? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve noticed since playing in 0-3 that every flight has all of its passengers arrive at the airport, but not everyone checks in. Not sure if the desk is force-closing or if it is just passengers not queuing in time. I reported it (I think bug 11738/11739 or close to it; it was really late when I did it, sorry).


Devblog : Day = Evening; Evening = Midnight; :joy: