Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released


Alpha 30 has now gone live! :airplane: Hurray! :trophy: Next stop, the musical isles:

Full Steam patch notes available here:

Updates tomorrow are likely to follow!

Here’s the full changelog from Alpha 29.12-11 to Alpha 30.1-4:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 30.1-4


  • [ACEO-11782] - Various minor visual construciton and building polishing
  • [ACEO-11895] - Added try catch for subscribed time oberserves to avoid time from stalling if an exception is thrown during update

New Feature


  • [ACEO-10477] - Passengers select random secure zone exits causing long distance paths
  • [ACEO-11416] - Lacking saftey check for ramp agent turnaround service can cause aircraft to deadlock during turnaround
  • [ACEO-11440] - Ramp agent transfer from stand by service car job task is immediately cancelled when the flight's turnaround is complete
  • [ACEO-11448] - Ramp agent job task generation for baggage bays are duplicated
  • [ACEO-11586] - If no available transit structure exist in the world, despawned transportation vehicles can deadlock if not having already visited such a structure
  • [ACEO-11587] - Persons leaving the airport do not account for transit structure availability causing delayed activity execution if a certain object type is not available
  • [ACEO-11591] - Ramp agents can break out of stand service round on remote stand causing stranded ramp agents
  • [ACEO-11608] - Ambient sounds paused and unpaused by all time speed settings
  • [ACEO-11638] - Rooms invoke "power on" sound effect when opening or closing
  • [ACEO-11712] - Second tier conveyor belt scanner gets overridden with organics type on deserialization
  • [ACEO-11718] - Double negation of measurement variable cause persons not to distribute correctly between security check-points
  • [ACEO-11730] - Poor loop implementation can cause belt loader and stair truck to stall during turnaround job task process
  • [ACEO-11771] - Construction earth patches dissappear during construciton phase
  • [ACEO-11772] - Employee job task progress bar not showing
  • [ACEO-11773] - Stand runway connection message does not update when changing accepted aircraft type toggles
  • [ACEO-11774] - Construction object wireframe layering on top of contractors
  • [ACEO-11775] - Contractors immediately rush to staff room when placed and then revert back to contractor offload site
  • [ACEO-11792] - Uncaught array out of bounds exception when updating tutorial panel can cause time to stall
  • [ACEO-11794] - "Trucks" misspelled in tutorial panel
  • [ACEO-11797] - Management panel tutorial container step lacks rich text setting causing formatting text to be visible
  • [ACEO-11805] - Management panel operations tab not scrollable
  • [ACEO-11811] - Interactive tutorial panel step completion section lacks rich text setting causing formatting text to be visible
  • [ACEO-11816] - Uncaught null reference exception in job task panel sorting list
  • [ACEO-11817] - Sold service vehicles can in rare instances not correctly terminate or reset current job tasks causing turnaround stalls
  • [ACEO-11819] - Incorrect verification method for ramp agent transfer can cause ramp agent service round job task to be cancelled and ramp agents to stall
  • [ACEO-11826] - "Received" misspelled in tutorial panel
  • [ACEO-11839] - Incorrectly reversed queue counters can cause queue distribution to not work optimally
  • [ACEO-11857] - Fuel depots do not display fuel type image correctly in build panel
  • [ACEO-11877] - Fuel depot does not connect correctly with roads when constructed
  • [ACEO-11878] - Various minor interactive tutorial panel bug and visual fixes
  • [ACEO-11890] - Missing job task completion check for ramp agents can cause service cars to stall when picking up for remote stand transfer
  • [ACEO-11900] - Missing null reference method in service car boarding method can cause ramp agents to stall when returning from remote stand
  • [ACEO-11901] - Structure lights and effects enabled at night despite being deactivated
  • [ACEO-11913] - Missing bool check in remote stand job task verification method can cause transfer job to duplicate
  • [ACEO-11916] - Inadequate update sequence in pushback truck controller can in rare instances cause aircraft pushback to stall


We aim to please! I keep saying this but those bug reports are almost in all cases super helpful and deserve to be solved! :slight_smile:


Great job! Now you’re probarly facing a bigger challenge Haha


Oh no… just multiple floors which means an entire new grid system and literally a new dimension for the AI (will be super fun to merge out development branches on top of that), localizing the entire game (which @Alexander is having a “blast” doing) and adding a bunch of additional turnaround services… at least it’s going to be super fun! :smiley:


There was a minor service vehicle bug in Alpha 30.1-4 that has now been patched, i.e. we deployed another update on the default branch. Same version number and everything but just though I’d let you know! :slight_smile:


I have full confidence in you three. Brings the game to a whole new level (pun intended)


Looks like we’re quite stable with the default release, we won’t deploy an update today as we’d rather rely on more bug report data coming in before making decisions on what to patch. With this update now out on default, we will now start to really prioritize new development for a while meaning that the patches will be lower in frequency. We’ll detail this in Monday’s dev blog! :slight_smile:


Can someone PM me a screenshot of the new Piper J3-Cub?



Thank you!


Just loaded my first save in 30.1-4, and no soundtrack, and tons of dings from shops/food rooms opening/closing. Please, could someone then explain what the solving of Bug ACEO-11638 did?


I have noticed that new plane (Yellow Bastard) landing on my runway which is set for taking off only, after loading my save game - which is quite frequent with the amount of bugs I am experiencing (most seem due to remote stands and delayed aircraft getting stuck in the ground procedures).


Did you change the runway’s setting short before saving?


I have reported this a few times, but the fixes have gone past my bug report number. Please can someone tell me how I fix the issue where all the passengers of flights are just not showing up for flights, as shown on the timetable attached.


No I have not changed the runway settings since last year. One for landings and one for take offs. I noticed its happened twice.


I feel like you should open up a new topic in support section to discuss the problems you’re having. It’ll take some time to analyse, and you’ll be asked for screenshots. Start with screenshot of your arrival zone as well.


Possibly not a bug, in my own experience: Do you have enough possibilities for public transports? You could try to build additional public bus stops or subway stations.

edit: … also there could be to few check-in desks. If this is the reason, you should get notifications (see the icons in the upper left of your screen) about missing check-in desks though.


Sure you haven’t muted the soundtrack or something? The room dings were reintroduced but will be crushed today.


@Olof, no, my sound was on 5%, which is more than enough for my machine, otherwise I find it overpowering. That’s not that big of a deal to me as the room dinging Haha.


Wow, again Dev Blog Day. Can not wait for news from the multible floors.