Airport CEO Alpha 31 Released [Experimental]

After months of development, it is finally here!

Most things you need to know are said in this weeks dev blog, or via this Steam message, but regardless we have some important information for you here:

Airport CEO Alpha 31 released on experimental

If you want to check out what it’s like to be a multi-story terminal constructor, you can head on over to the experimental branch and check it out right now. However, we do have some important things we want to mention as you try out this new version (these are also mentioned in the dev blog and in-game):

Underground conveyor belts needs reconstruction

Due to a completely new underground conveyor belt building system, your old baggage system will not work on Alpha 31 or newer versions unless your airport is adapted or only is constructed using ground floor belts! All underground conveyor belts built with the legacy system will automatically be transferred to the “real” underground floor (one floor down, labeled as “-1”). Alpha 31 features a brand-new conveyor belt escalator system which includes manual placements of escalators to enable underground crossings and better player control. This means that all conveyor belt escalators must be re-placed manually by you in order to get your baggage system up and running again after updating!

We HIGHLY recommend you perform the following steps to restore your save to functioning order:

  • Open the development panel by pressing F10
  • Find a toggle called “simulate construction” and make sure it is unchecked‍
  • Build conveyor belt escalators where needed to repair the baggage belt connections (found in the build menu where you usually find all buildable conveyor belt items)
  • Pay close attention to the direction of the escalator (if the escalator should go up or down)
  • Re-enable baggage service from the operations panel
  • Finally enable construction again from the development panel

Once your baggage system is restored, some already existing baggage might get stuck on various places on the belts and this is expected, they will automatically be deleted after a while so there is no need to report lingering baggage on a conveyor belt as a bug. Some flights might also get stuck or delayed waiting for undelivered baggage. You will need to dismiss these using the stand panel. After a few flights, given that you’ve re-built your conveyor belt system correctly, the complete baggage system should be up and running again as expected!

Road sidewalks disabled

Alpha 31 also brings changes to road sidewalk, and will no longer support walkable road sidewalks (the area next to the road which is part of the placed road piece). Instead you must place normal sidewalk and crosswalks to create a path from and to your terminal. This change was made in preparation for the multiple terminal update which will come at a later stage.

We will continue to echo these changes throughout the full deployment of this update, and we’ve also implemented several operational security measures across the game to make you attentive on these changes. For example, airports saved with Alpha 30 but launched with Alpha 31 will have baggage handling automatically disabled and a dialog box popping up making you aware of the important changes happening between Alpha 30 and 31.

While these changes are annoying, they are unfortunately the reality of any early access game development. We’ve done our best to make sure that this transition happens as smooth as possible, considering the huge technical change this is while still keeping save integrity and loadability as one of the highest priorities across the development of the game.

Jetways automatically removed

Jetways now only connect to the first floor, thus any existing stand jetways you have built in your Alpha 30 update will automatically removed and the stand will be converted to a non-jetway stand to accommodate this change. This should however have no apparent impact on your airport from an operational perspective, as the city will provide you with a few stair trucks to accommodate the change.

‍With Alpha 31 now available in the open we’ll again start to serve daily updates (mainly during working weekdays) to the experimental branch and once Alpha 31 is stable we’ll start deploying the new turnaround features part of Alpha 32, which are mostly already complete but will be kept back in order to work qualitatively with bugs and roll out more complexity in incremental stages. Our current goal is to make all new content, i.e. Alpha 31 and Alpha32, deployed on the default branch before the Steam summer sale.

We’ll be back all next week with bug fixes and daily deployments! Enjoy.

Here’s the full change log for Alpha 31:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 31.0-0


  • [ACEO-11031] - Boarding will now complete if flight is delayed and remaining passengers are in terminal but too far away
  • [ACEO-12076] - Larger variety of ramp agent operator dummy sprites for vehicles with exposed driver position
  • [ACEO-12632] - Slightly increased night cursor light when placing an object
  • [ACEO-13105] - Added new income and expense sections to budget overview panel
  • [ACEO-13264] - Two additional baggage cart types
  • [ACEO-13265] - Baggage handling fee implemented

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4811] - Multi-floor rendering depending on shown floor level
  • [ACEO-4812] - Multi-floor building
  • [ACEO-4813] - Multi-floor construction simulation
  • [ACEO-4814] - Multi-floor path-finding
  • [ACEO-4815] - Escalators
  • [ACEO-4817] - Roof rendering when viewing above top floor
  • [ACEO-11850] - Localized text system for supporting different languages
  • [ACEO-13107] - Improved weather temperature generation utilizing day and season cycle
  • [ACEO-13109] - New aircraft: Beechcraft 1900 D


  • [ACEO-10848] - Replacing loading site can cause new construction materials not to be delivered
  • [ACEO-10905] - Removal or change of direction on a corner taxiway does not work as expected
  • [ACEO-11218] - Passengers use the wrong door on Q400
  • [ACEO-11280] - Shop targets met but not rewarded with bonus
  • [ACEO-11475] - Contractors can walk through fence at vehicle checkpoint gate
  • [ACEO-11525] - CRJ 700 window misalignment on some liveries
  • [ACEO-11625] - Flights remain in patterns of closed runway causing demolishing of that runway impossible
  • [ACEO-11769] - Passengers can get stuck in franchise room
  • [ACEO-11934] - Piper Cub can get stuck at stand
  • [ACEO-12149] - Incorrect date-time format causing airport staff to disappear on load
  • [ACEO-12406] - Bug report summary clears text after closing panel
  • [ACEO-12420] - Clear all notifications not working
  • [ACEO-12627] - Description of connecting the service car stop button is reversed
  • [ACEO-12669] - Stand or boarding desk connecting can in some instances not be cleared as expected
  • [ACEO-12748] - People are using closed bathroom
  • [ACEO-12750] - Contract not completed even if sales target reached
  • [ACEO-12795] - Aircraft ground equipment can in rare cases remain after pushback
  • [ACEO-12863] - Auto planner scheduling flights at same time (increased randomization)
  • [ACEO-12931] - Food fridge count for franchise contract doesn't work
  • [ACEO-13009] - Unbuilt terminal foundation causes long load time
  • [ACEO-13081] - Janitor job dispatchment can cause lag spikes when available job tasks are in excess of 5000 entries
  • [ACEO-13094] - Aircraft can sometimes get stuck waiting for runway to clear when there are no planes using the runway
  • [ACEO-13095] - Delivery site cannot be placed if no delivery site is connected
  • [ACEO-13096] - Airside shuttle bus stop doesn't update zone type when built causing pathfinding issues
  • [ACEO-13108] - Service vehicle avatars in UI containers not always correctly rendered
  • [ACEO-13232] - Muting the game can result in virtual audio channels to stack up over time causing notable performance drop



Played the update before this was released. :sweat_smile:
I like it (so far)



Now THAT’S EPIC !!! Good job guys you literally created a brand new game with brand new opportunities :wink:


Well done boys!

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Thank you @Olof

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Hello Airport CEOs!
Can you post some new pictures? At the moment i have not so much time, but it would be nice to see the new stuff in action.

Greetings :slight_smile:

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Secretly stolen from @EG0611


First bug! (Not that it’s a good thing.)

Whenever you use the type search in the items bit, the catering depot, waste depot etc come up. You are able to place them down.

Hedges also do not connect properly on the second and third floors. Walls don’t either.


Just build my first escalator. It says right click to set direktion when placed. but it is not clickable. nothing apears or happens.

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Just build my first escalator. It says right click to set direktion when placed. but it is not clickable. nothing apears or happens.

It shouldn’t be at the moment so nothing to worry :wink:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: But if you want to build the floor 2 , you do not see what I have selected, only when I build it you can see it . That is a bug :slight_smile:

Strange, this was reported yesterday and the jira status sais fix deployed.

Why released to Exp. Bug report it @modair . The more data the greater pool of data to evaluate what is causing the bugs.


OK Thank you :slight_smile:

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Well, then it doesnt seem to work? i build an underground tunnel for pax to 2 second building, under a taxiway. but no one uses it, not even staff.

Can you share a screenshot.

Just a little new airport for testing purposes.

Thanks, I’m assuming it’s all zoned secure as well?

Yes it is. That was my first thought too.

That escalator on the remote building does not look quite right. Which floor level were you on when you built it?

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