Airport CEO Alpha 31 Released (The Multi-floor Update)

I always just plan a construction project night for doing this if I’m expanding/upgrading. When the last flight of the day leaves, I dispatch contractors, demolish the existing entry/exit and reconstruct, then save game and re-load to avoid any path finding issues and open the runway back up again.

Not possible if your airport has flights through the night though


What you can do is close your airport. It will cause some reputation am damage due tk flights being delayed etc, but worth it in the long run.

I had this issue and bug-reported yesterday. A save and reload solved the issue.

Multi floor opens a lot of possibilities, especially for segregating departure and arrivals.

I had tried at first to place departure at level 1 and arrival at level 0 with one escalator for each gate to be used by arriving pax. However, this was not satisfactory, as the boarding gate unfortunately does not act as a one way door, so pax would ignore the escalator and keep walking out of the gate.

Now I’ve placed the departure gates on floor 2 and pax boarding need to go down an escalator after passing through the gate to reach the jet bridge in floor 1. Pax arriving from the jet bridge in floor 1 most of the time go straight out a secure exit to reach baggage claim. I’ve had a few dumb pax going up the escalator and walking out the boarding gate just to go down again somewhere else, but it has become rare.

Placing the boarding gate in floor 2 caused this “link” issue with all my medium stands and I though it wasn’t possible to link a gate in floor 2 with a jet bridge in floor 1, but after a save and reload it’s working smoothly.

Hello I’m playing and I noticed that there are some bugs going around the walls

Good evening peeps, Airport CEO Alpha 31.3-1 is currently on its way out to you with the following changes:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 31.3-1


  • [ACEO-13825] - Draw call reduction for main interaction panels
  • [ACEO-14001] - Upgraded game engine version
  • [ACEO-14002] - Attached bug report save file size increased to 20 MB
  • [ACEO-14003] - Error codes added to failed bug report sending attempts


  • [ACEO-13336] - Vehicles do not recognize inaccessible parking structures on floors above or below self
  • [ACEO-13362] - Cost is different from object description
  • [ACEO-13494] - Building jetway doesn't cost any money
  • [ACEO-13852] - Rare contractor pathing issues caused by unreachable deconstruction site
  • [ACEO-13930] - Taxiway edges do not render correctly
  • [ACEO-13937] - Weather effects visible on below ground floor
  • [ACEO-13948] - Passengers can access seating on wrong floor when performing eating activity
  • [ACEO-13967] - Taxiway lines not always connecting properly
  • [ACEO-13969] - Dashboard sidebar can't be interacted with
  • [ACEO-13972] - Structures can be built below terminal overpass
  • [ACEO-13991] - Jetway visible through roof
  • [ACEO-14004] - Delivery truck incorrectly default to garbage truck sprite
  • [ACEO-14012] - Baggage rotates strange in corners while on conveyor belts

We decided we wanted this version to roll out tonight, so dev blog is being pushed forward until tomorrow afternoon! :slight_smile:


Error codes added to failed bug report sending attempts

Very good :slight_smile:

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Nice, thanks!

[ACEO-13972 ] - Structures can be built below terminal overpass

This one is not solved for old saves, only for new built buildings, probably…?

At least my aiport still shows clickable vehicle depots on all flors above 0, through foundation…

Just tested, can not rebuild them… :frowning:
Why did you take this solution?
I am able to build skybridges over taxiways that planes can underpass, but I’m not able to build a “garage” under a skybridge…?

There is a new bug: after demolishing all floors above, I still can’t build a depot, as it says “can not build under terminal” :frowning:

The game is very beautiful every day! :smiley::heart_eyes::+1:t2:


The height parallax effect on these structures doesn’t work well with the multiple floor solution which is 2D based. That is why they are not hidden by the terminal floor. Also things like smoke effect render in 3D which also makes it visible through terminal. Aircraft an vehicle are not rendered the same way so that is why it works. It does sound like there is a bug with removing terminal as you state as it should be possible to build them again. Will take a look.


For looking into, and especially for explaining!

Hopefully you can change that height problem, later on…?
It would be really nice to build at least vehicle depots and fuel depots under skybridge, or even in the basement! :slight_smile:

With Alpha 31.3-1, my framerate dropped to a blistering 6 FPS. Sometimes, the Management Screen won’t open and the game freezes. This was not a problem with previous version. I’m guessing this is due to the “new and improved” game engine. I have a large airport; savegame is 17 MB zip archive. Somewhat playable, but no longer as enjoyable.

Either revert to the previous game engine, or tweak the new one for performance. Six to eight FPS is unacceptable.

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@Olof @Fredrik
I have a little question,
Uhhh, where are stairs in game? We have escalators but not all airports have them, we also need regular stairs :smiley:

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Coming. I cannot remember where but I did read they would be released once things have gotten a little more stable.

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Oh okay thanks :smiley:

same as elevator - so both stairs and elevator will be coming once all is stable

yeah, i wanna get people used to the escalator art style (since its tricky to make it go up and down in a 2D game).

once that settles and the game is stable, i’ll have a normal stairs ready


Devblog? It’s already evening :crazy_face:

don’t forget swedish time…


20 MB savegame is too small. I just tried to submit a Bug Report ingame and the ZIPped savegame was larger than 20 MB. Per my Bug Report ACEO-13958, the limit should be at least 25 MB.