Airport CEO Alpha 32 Released (The Turnaround Update)

I like that “Epic”. More please :smiley:

Really like this update. It ads a lot of variety in the services. :slight_smile:

Are the new services not visible in the flight processes manager?
I can’t assign de-icing trucks to a depot? It is possible to select a stand or parking lot, but the drop down menu for depots doesn’t appear.

An idea (or question). When not in use (because of hot weather conditions) could planes pass through de-icing stands?
For the moment this doesn’t work with the pathfinder I think, but planes who are queuing a de-icing stand can go through the stand, without using it, when the temperature rises.

Keep up the good work !

I have 2 boarding desk for this stand, one at the ground floor and the other at 1st floor but i cannot demolish the ground floor one and people just check in at the ground floor and then they go boarding at the first one. Because of this pax waste a lot of time and also there are useless jobs claimed from the airport staffs.

I’ve asked if we will be getting them added to the turn around progress monitor too. I think it should be, but let’s get the services sorted first I think.


Is it going to be the ramp agent hub?

I was just playing around with some airport designs and found it is possible to build skybridges above runways. Is it intended to be a feature in the game or just never thought that someone would try to build buildings above a runway ?

Great update!!!

As for the secret feature, I think they accidentally gave it away in a different thread. A new grid system with biger map.

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Intended. :slight_smile: Sky bridges. Not that I’d want to place one over a runway though. Taxiways, yes.

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Oh that’s a super great news, thanks !

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yayyyyy wonderful

Game crash. the game stopped responding on save loading… (crash when saying almost done). ACEO-14397

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Yes, unfortunately there is no easy quick fix for that one hence why it’s been like that since day one.

This has been patched.

The will be added tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Are there any real world examples of where this is adopted?

No, the new grid system is what enables multi-floor and we’ve always said we’ll explore making the map bigger. This is not the secret feature… :wink:

Yes, we didn’t want to put any limitations on the player here so we simply decided to enable cross-runway skybridges although it’s highly unrealistic… :stuck_out_tongue:


In BRU they have a situation like this:
Taxiway is doubled, two de-icing stands next to each other. (one apart, one is the taxiway)
Reason: probably because they are hardly used, only a couple of weeks a year. Saves some space.

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I see. Well, it’s not something we’ll be looking at immediately right now. Might be something to consider a little further down the road as Alpha 32 matures.


@Jettuh On my opinion the stairs look way too scaled. Why are the stairs not scaled like the escalators? I know the stairs are two ways. But you can make the stairs like double sized the escalators. I like to hear other people’s opinion about this.


I have a same problem on that.


I guess Cleaning Service not available for Small Aircraft. I built the Garbage Depot and enable Cleaning in Operations screen. Had five Cleaning Trucks as well. I assume same for Catering?

Yes, small aircraft will not request catering or cleaning at this point.

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Could you see to make the vehicle menu only show medium stands listed when assigning them to a stand then? No use to assign cleaning or catering to stands where they arent used

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Nice work, didnt try yet but congratulating in advance (it’s good now and then) on the hard work

So, i asked a few weeks ago if the weather system would “force” us to build de-icing stands. As my airport is located near the equator, it should never snow.

Is the new weather system included right now? I mean, am i forced to build de-icing stands, at least for the time being?

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