Airport CEO Alpha 33 Released (The Big Bird Update)

Hello airport CEO!

Let’s size things up. With the big bird update, wide-body aircraft are now making their way to your airport and with them they bring a new set of requirements and demands. Large runways, stands and terminals are required for you to operate a truly international hub!

In this update we’ve included:

• Several new large aircraft
• New large aircraft infrastructure including a runway, stand, de-icing pad and airside decoration
• A big pushback truck, belt loader and ULD simulation for large aircraft
• Various texture overhauls ranging from aircraft stands to avatars
• One-way roads, flippable transit structures and public parking lots
• A large, large section of various code and logic improvements to allow for large aircraft operations!

Time to make some space…

Here’s the full change log for Alpha 33.2-0:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 33.5-0


  • [ACEO-10994] - Overhauled floor tile merge system to avoid mip mapping and texture bleeding effects
  • [ACEO-11851] - UI text improvements to support localized text
  • [ACEO-16541] - Enabled vehicles which will not be able to finish a turnaround task due to depleted resources to cause the system to immediately order an additional job task
  • [ACEO-16960] - Improved aircraft stand textures
  • [ACEO-16961] - Improved service vehicle pathing when interacting with aircraft on stand
  • [ACEO-16965] - Overhauled shop product system
  • [ACEO-16967] - Directional pushback
  • [ACEO-17030] - Improved GA and commercial slider settings on stand panel
  • [ACEO-17417] - Improved person secure zone exit behavior to reduce number of spawned notificaitons
  • [ACEO-17420] - Revised job task distribution logic to improve airport operations efficiency
  • [ACEO-17644] - Improved trailer movement simulation
  • [ACEO-17780] - Service vehicles can now be assigned to various parking structures via drag-and-click action
  • [ACEO-17782] - Steam Workshop support for object templates
  • [ACEO-17783] - Steam Workshop support for airport logos
  • [ACEO-17839] - Baggage trailers will now self destruct when parking in a non-job task situation to preserve performance and visual appeal
  • [ACEO-17966] - Service and transportation vehicles now attempt to enter the airport via multiple road checkpoints if the most preferred one is not available
  • [ACEO-17967] - Service and transportation vehicles now remember their entry road checkpoint enabling better airport grounds entry and exit behavior
  • [ACEO-18070] - Improved conveyor belt queueing behavior when passengers are waiting for baggage in claim areas to reduce excessive standing on top of conveyor belts
  • [ACEO-18163] - Increased size of service vehicle parking lot and added dialog panel for notifying players that pre-Alpha 33 saves won't load with service vehicle parking lots
  • [ACEO-18164] - Fixed several sprite layering issues to better accommodate render queue
  • [ACEO-18165] - Fixed several baggage related transfer behaviors to better adapt to an ongoing and (maybe suddenly) changing baggage transfer process
  • [ACEO-18169] - Small stand now features a toggle between commercial and general aviation to avoid confusion on what setting the stand has
  • [ACEO-18388] - Reduced performance spikes when spawning passengers and employees due to more efficient name generation
  • [ACEO-18759] - Refueling process of large aircraft sped up


  • [ACEO-11121] - Sidewalk tiles lose lighting effect after being rebuilt
  • [ACEO-11177] - Janitors and service technicians always run to their jobs
  • [ACEO-11255] - "Go to aircraft" action immediately zooms to the ground
  • [ACEO-11568] - Selling fuel truck invokes potential financial loss of loaded fuel
  • [ACEO-11879] - Repair costs are not dynamically updating in runway panel
  • [ACEO-15232] - Baggage transfer analysis system on stand can in rare cases not terminate correctly for a certain flight causing the next flight's baggage transfer to terminate prematurely
  • [ACEO-16544] - Quit to menu dialog not hidden when quitting game
  • [ACEO-16829] - Terminal floor texture overhaul
  • [ACEO-17389] - Tutorial does not always recognize when stand is connected to baggage bay
  • [ACEO-17419] - Job task system incorrectly considers security officer's secure zone position causing stupid task distribution
  • [ACEO-17467] - Passengers can in rare cases get stuck due to a queueing related exception
  • [ACEO-17598] - Service truck can in rare instances get stuck on baggage bay
  • [ACEO-17677] - Rare serialization issue can cause save file to become corrupt
  • [ACEO-17781] - Extremely rare issue where a variable for keeping track of a recently failed job task in some cases would not be reset causing employees and service vehicles not to perform a certain task
  • [ACEO-17903] - Medium flights not generated if only large aircraft stands are built
  • [ACEO-17964] - Service car does not recognize if no ramp agents are picked up from a service car stop resulting in both stranded ramp agents and stalled remote turnaround services
  • [ACEO-17965] - Ramp agents does not fully recognize if their services are no longer needed for a remote stand causing them to pile up on service car stops
  • [ACEO-18008] - Upgrading to jetway demolished walls on first floor
  • [ACEO-18077] - Passengers fail to find nearest seat on other floors
  • [ACEO-18132] - Aircraft does not always use correct runway entry
  • [ACEO-18166] - Placing objects after having used the template tool could in some instances throw exceptions causing green overlays to remain on the placed object
  • [ACEO-18173] - One-way arrows not visible inside terminal
  • [ACEO-18179] - Front stair truck position on Boeing 787-900 incorrect
  • [ACEO-18199] - Warning message not displayed for check-in desks placed in secure area (not allowed)
  • [ACEO-18223] - Runway traffic setting does not serialize correctly
  • [ACEO-18242] - Object placement grid not visible on upper floors
  • [ACEO-18244] - Baggage not visible on trailer when changing floors
  • [ACEO-18250] - ULD baggage only shows as N/A
  • [ACEO-18252] - Baggage handling fees not invoked for ULD transfer
  • [ACEO-18270] - Baggage can in rare instances get stuck on tilt trays if the setting is changed during operation
  • [ACEO-18274] - Tutorial contains instructions referencing to old runway system
  • [ACEO-18276] - Enable transit structures to consider themselves as unavailable if there are too many queuers present
  • [ACEO-18294] - Jetways can in some cases extend too far on narrow body aircraft
  • [ACEO-18302] - Premature aircraft cabin cleaning or catering turnaround service cancellation can cause aircraft turnaround to stall
  • [ACEO-18304] - Missing NullReferenceException can cause airside shuttle buses to stall during deboarding
  • [ACEO-18314] - Baggage trailers does not always set correct material when entering or exiting terminal areas
  • [ACEO-18324] - Tools are not always correctly generated
  • [ACEO-18330] - Passengers don't claim their luggage when conveyor belt has staff zone underneath
  • [ACEO-18341] - De-icing trucks do not follow node based parking path when arriving to de-icing pad
  • [ACEO-18360] - Rooms are not always intractable by passengers or employees after being placed with template tool
  • [ACEO-18368] - Large belt loader visible through roofs and jetways when driving
  • [ACEO-18384] - Missing vehicle sub type check when spawning delivery vehicles can cause construction material shipments to be blocked by other shipments
  • [ACEO-18385] - Unwalkable delivery site causes path finding errors
  • [ACEO-18387] - Steam Workshop tags not working due to missing category assignment during upload
  • [ACEO-18396] - Default tilt tray placement setting set to none instad of to destination
  • [ACEO-18398] - Baggage can in rare instances fail to get flagged as successfully arrived to baggage claim area
  • [ACEO-18400] - NullReferenceException can in rare instances cause aircraft to not land
  • [ACEO-18411] - NullReferenceException thrown when searching for template buttons in placement panel
  • [ACEO-18427] - Medium flights generated if only small stands exist
  • [ACEO-18437] - Placing a runway causes entry exit warning to immediately pop up
  • [ACEO-18440] - Auto planner assigns flights on newly built stands that are not properly setup
  • [ACEO-18443] - Economy panel does not always allow to scroll the entire window distance
  • [ACEO-18444] - Incorrect transit structure retrieval method can in certain cases cause transportation vehicles not to find a suitable transit structure
  • [ACEO-18445] - Flights requiring several fuel truck loads cause looping job task behavior due to incorrect tank load percentage calculations
  • [ACEO-18461] - Catering truck can in rare instances fail to load the last meal
  • [ACEO-18470] - Aircraft cabin waste collection at stand does not always terminate correctly
  • [ACEO-18475] - Incorrect setting in path finding algorithm causes passengers and employees to in most cases walk in straight lines
  • [ACEO-18486] - Airport logos are rendered at different sizes when created at different resolutions
  • [ACEO-18498] - Passengers are locked to exact node positions when deboarding aircraft via stair trucks
  • [ACEO-18509] - Go around chance slightly too high even with approach lighting
  • [ACEO-18514] - Aircraft cabin cleaning truck can in rare instances when nearly filled to capacity deadlock and not resume job task
  • [ACEO-18516] - Grid overlay duplicated on upper floors
  • [ACEO-18519] - Large aircraft check-in starts too late
  • [ACEO-18547] - Aircraft can in certain scenarios deadlock during the landing phase
  • [ACEO-18553] - No warning message appears if aircraft fails to de-ice due to lack of de-icing trucks at de-icing pad
  • [ACEO-18555] - Cleaning trucks can in certain instances not correctly calculate their waste holding capacity causing additional job creation for assisting cleaning trucks not to be invoked
  • [ACEO-18564] - Procured airport vehicles do not spawn immediately once procurement period is completed
  • [ACEO-18572] - Terminal foundation can be built on top of stands
  • [ACEO-18590] - GA can get stuck on runway due to uncaught exception
  • [ACEO-18598] - Contractors can on very rare occasions get stuck on stairs
  • [ACEO-18603] - Parked cars do not leave parking lot if it has been demolished
  • [ACEO-18617] - Parking fees not correctly reset at hour change for budget overview panel
  • [ACEO-18635] - Deleting sidewalks cause performance degradation
  • [ACEO-18646] - Arriving passenger can in certain instances get incorrect behavior setting causing them to fail to leave the airport
  • [ACEO-18688] - Aircraft can in rare instances when being deserialized on top of a de-icing pad without a de-icing process being initiated get deadlocked
  • [ACEO-18732] - Rare uncaught NullReferenceException in service vehicle behavior can cause aircraft to get deadlock
  • [ACEO-18748] - Runway entrance doesn't warn if it's not properly connected to a runway
  • [ACEO-18754] - Upper floor terminal possible to be built above de-icing pad
  • [ACEO-18761] - Unproper status of parked cars
  • [ACEO-18763] - Minor typos in utility building descriptions
  • [ACEO-18787] - Large pushback truck categorized as small in vehicle panel
  • [ACEO-18789] - Uncaught NullReferenceException can cause demolition of parking lots deadlock
  • [ACEO-18805] - Excessive amount of hazardous haulers spawned when waste depot invokes trash pickup
  • [ACEO-18831] - Aircraft saved with a path plotted to a runway can deadlock if reloaded into conditions which require de-icing and the only taxiway path to a runway is through a de-icing pad
  • [ACEO-18842] - Incorrect zone connection between jetway stand and terminal causing ramp agents to fail path
  • [ACEO-18846] - Fuel type sign for fuel trucks become visible when passing through a road check-point and hauling de-icing fluid
  • [ACEO-18850] - One-way taxiway markings disappearing on load
  • [ACEO-18853] - Vehicles can get stuck underground if all roads are removed from that floor
  • [ACEO-18861] - CRJ 700 and CRJ 200 service vehicle paths not adjusted to new stand graphics
  • [ACEO-18869] - Aircraft can get stuck if it doesn't find an available de-icing pad
  • [ACEO-18878] - Incorrect material on one way road arrow built inside terminal
  • [ACEO-18898] - Variable text on vehicle panel displayed in incorrect position
  • [ACEO-18912] - Incorrect room center point measurement can cause rooms to be considered as inaccessible
  • [ACEO-18920] - Incorrect and missing description texts for runways
  • [ACEO-18926] - Aircraft are not distributing correctly over available de-icing pads
  • [ACEO-18928] - Aircraft can in rare cases get stuck on de-icing pad due to behavior loop
  • [ACEO-18929] - Missing zoning of rooms invoked by player can cause pathfinder to stall as it gets flooded with attempts that are destined to fail
  • [ACEO-18930] - Missing zoning of job task item can cause pathfinder to stall
  • [ACEO-18934] - Airport logotypes not always properly serialized
  • [ACEO-18960] - Modded products can in certain cases display $0 as sales price
  • [ACEO-18964] - Stand can't be placed due to incorrect waning ("can't place below terminal")
  • [ACEO-18966] - Concrete tile scale incorrect before placement
  • [ACEO-18969] - Misaligned sprite cut for large plant causes strange texture artifact

New feature

  • [ACEO-9364] - Public parking lot
  • [ACEO-16946] - Large aircraft infrastructure (runway, stand, de-icing pad and more)
  • [ACEO-16947] - Overhauled runway system
  • [ACEO-16956] - Improved airport logos
  • [ACEO-16957] - Custom airport logos
  • [ACEO-16958] - Overhauled person avatar graphics
  • [ACEO-16959] - One-way roads
  • [ACEO-16962] - Support for multiple service vehicles of same type on large stand
  • [ACEO-16963] - Steam Workshop support for templates
  • [ACEO-16968] - Large pushback truck
  • [ACEO-16969] - New aircraft: Boeing 777
  • [ACEO-16970] - New aircraft: Aerospool WT9 Dynamic
  • [ACEO-16971] - New aircraft: Airbus A340
  • [ACEO-16972] - New aircraft: Airbus A330
  • [ACEO-16973] - New aircraft: Boeing 787
  • [ACEO-17180] - Baggage ULD transfer simulation
  • [ACEO-17181] - ULD belt loader truck
  • [ACEO-17568] - Mini bus (as private passenger vehicle and taxi)
  • [ACEO-18875] - Buildable airport logo object
  • [ACEO-18876] - Implemented all winning designs in the vanilla airport logo contest
  • [ACEO-18886] - Bar stool
  • [ACEO-18954] - Various person pathfinding improvements to avoid pathfinding worker thread queue count overflow
  • [ACEO-18974] - New aircraft: Airbus A380


Update notes

How do I turnaround a large aircraft?

Big birds, just like medium and small birds, are handled on their respective large infrastructure. Build large runways, large stands, large de-icing pads to make your airport suitable for handling the new weight class. Also make sure you have enough service vehicles and staff, these monsters require a large work force to leave on time! To handle large aircraft baggage transfer, you’ll need to buy a large belt truck loader and to push back large aircraft you’ll need to buy a large pushback truck.

Service vehicle parking lot size increased

Please note that service vehicle parking lots have been increased in size and to prevent issues with loading your airport, airports saved before Alpha 33 will not have their service vehicle parking lots deserialized meaning there will be some initial road mayhem . Pause, and rebuild your parking structures at a suitable place and your vehicles will eventually find their way there.

No need to staff zone your baggage claim conveyor belts

Please also note that we’ve done a lot of improvements as to how passengers move about a baggage claim area, so you should no longer need to zone your conveyor belts with staff zone to keep pax off the belt (in fact, it might render your passengers unable to claim their baggage).

Steam Workshop support for logos, object templates and products

Steam Workshop now also supports modding of airport logos, object templates and shop products. We’ve also added tags for the remaining missing business types (catering food and de-icing fluid suppliers). We will be updating the modding page on the Airport CEO website next week with instructions on how to go about this but if you feel a little techy you can go ahead and start uploading already today! MDKs for the 777 and the A380 will be resolved either before the weekend or early next week. We will however post a separate Steam Workshop announcement tomorrow highlighting all of the new things surrounding Airport CEO and modding!

Now, don’t let us keep you. We will most likely be back with stabilizing updates throughout the rest of next week but we hope that this will be a more stable experience than usual, with special, special thanks to the members of our internal testing group who’ve already put in massive efforts to making sure that the big birds get the code they deserve. We also want to thank everyone who’s partaken in the experimental testing phase and have submitted us high quality bug reports which makes our lives a lot easier and eventually your CEO experience more stable, faster.

Enjoy! :airplane:


Best part is the parking lot in my opinion


Looks awesome! Thank you so much!
And as more a modder than a gamer, hopefully we get MDKs for BigBirds and 1900D soon soon too :smiley:

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YES omg IM SO HAPPY!!!:grin::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::grin::grinning::grin:

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Now, just hoping for a bigger map and faster load times. So I can build them BIG.


Hello ladies :sunglasses:




How do you set the large stands to be remote? I may be missing something incredibly obvious here!

Update : As you were… I figured it out.

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  • Large aircraft

Hehe. I love how you put EPIC!

Time to build a new airport! Woo!


Unfortunately I have to wait like 8-9 hours before I can go home (I’m at school) and actually play

Wow, thanks for the update guys!

I know it’s the Experimental editition but, Is anybody else not able to place service buildings (towers, waste, catering) at some random places on the map? “Can’t place below Terminal”

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Do you have terminal above were you are placing it?

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Also how many pax to they carry?
Edit: I mean the different big birds

Sweet! Can’t wait to try it!

So I did a thing…

  • It’s very much in the definition of a total custom mod and will in no way be compatible with the official MDK.
  • It is the games 777200 unlike my previous Singapore Mod that was actually a 757 in game.
  • It’s good enough for me for now till I get a hold of myself the MDK.
  • Winglets, yeah I could add them… I might?
  • Will I add more Mods, I might, I’m not sure. EDIT - Yeah I added the 300
  • Would I recommend waiting for the official MDK. Most definitely. About five hours work getting this far.
  • Was it worth the time. Oh Yeah… totally. :slight_smile:
  • Do I know how to make mods for the other big girls. I do now… see caveat one and six. :slight_smile:

I want more! So beautiful :cry: :cry:

What is the small GA plane?

WT9 Okay edition