Airport CEO Alpha 33 Released (The Big Bird Update)

Oh ok. How many pax do the new big birds carry?

Will it be in the ACEOMM v2?

I’ve had up to almost 297 so i think 300 is the max.

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Is it wrong to issue a small wish upon this great release? I guess we still have some runner-ups from the airline contest that did not make it into the game. Could we have the next one or two, that did not make it yet, in the game, please?
Otherwise: Congratulations!

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Although area is unlocked I can’t build on it. Is this a bug or intended?

that is my screenshot!!!

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BRAVO!!! awesome!!!

Indeed. The quickest I knew where one was.

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Man I can’t wait to play!!

I thought that we would get the a350 and not the 777 but I’m excited for the 777!

I’ve no idea where the 350 came from. Just speculation that built momentum I guess.

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Ah ok

This is just some random questions
Have you ever seen a bug that you left alone/made it a feature?
What is the funniest bug you have seen?

I can’t put a name, IATA code and logo on my airport. I press once the “CONFIRM AIRPORT LOCATION” button once and nothing happens, I press it again and nothing, press again and enter the world directly.

Looks like it’s time to try building HND Terminal 1, also known as “Big Bird”.

So gutted I don’t have the experimental version and have to wait for the steam update! Really want to see these large aircraft! Havent played the game for weeks waiting for it lol

Anyone can have experimental just need to select beta on steam

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Done a bit of fiddling, now got 4 operational large aircraft stands… but so far, no large aircraft! I seem to have exhausted all the airline contracts which I maxed out on my save game - do I have to wait for more to generate, or should I be starting a new save?

Question delivery site used to be able to put on service road. why did they cancel that? also if boxes are not used they just stay where they are. any solution for that?

depends. did you work super hard and build up the airport using limited money or was it using unlimited?