Airport CEO Alpha 34 Released (The R&D Update)

Thats fast. Well done😃


any idea why alpha 34 does not start for me?(screen in previous post) alpha 33 works fine

How can I go back to the R&D screen to start another project?

Might be an obvious or stupid question, but is there any way to limit stands to individual / specific runways?

I’ve included a picture to help explain. I’m using these remote stands in the bottom right and want to keep flights using those stands to only use the runway on the right (36R). Instead, what often happens is they use 36L, take a long time to taxi (tying up routes for other planes), and it is a domino effect of issues.

I suppose if it’s not possible right now, I’d be curious if that’s something worth implementing. At least some control over ground pathing would be useful, I think. I have seen planes sit and wait at a junction for hours (in-game time) while the plane they are waiting for isn’t even close to crossing their path.


If not implemented by now, I would support such a feature. With more than one runway serving the same purpose this is important.

No difference to some real airports like PVG where you always start / land on the runway on the opposite of the designated terminal. Around 20min driving on ground and waiting for planes crossing are normal. :smiley:

AFAIK it is supported by the ATCT that if you connect stands to a specific runway it only lands/take off flights for those stands. Should also work if you have multiple runways connected because you want to separate landing and take-off. It has been supported in the past, try it and let us know of it still works :wink:

Unfortunately the remote desktop tool we’re using to connect to our deploy and release work station is experiencing some issues and I cannot get access. Will wait a little bit longer but if they can’t get it up and working we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to deploy…

The dev blog has been written and published but we’ll hold off with the marketing round for it until the next update has been deployed, but if you’re nosy you can head over to the ACEO website and read it now.

Eidt: Issue was resolved! :partying_face:


Direct link for all the lazy ones out there:

All right, here we go: Alpha 34.1-3!

We’ve got a few important fixes in this one: Multi-threading for person A* path-finding has mistakenly been turned off for the duration of Alpha 34 which explains issues you’ve had with stalling passengers and other performance problems, we’ve fixed that in such a way that it cannot again default to false.

The issues with remote boarding and airside shuttle buses have also been fixed. Boarding now opens an hour earlier for remote stands and the bus will depart immediately once everyone is on.

Lastly we’ve implemented an important job task distribution distance check fix in regards to “backlogged” job tasks (i.e. job tasks that could not be sorted into a closest pair with an available job task agent) that should prevent employees grabbing jobs randomly across the airport (unless they are the closest one).

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 34.1-3


  • [ACEO-20337] - Job task backlog distribution now sorts by distance to allow for better balancing of employees and job tasks that are not located in the same zone area
  • [ACEO-21477] - Boarding opening times adjusted to start earlier for flights departing on remote stands


  • [ACEO-19178] - Auto scheduler schedules flights despite game time being paused
  • [ACEO-20974] - Operations cost does not adjust for disabled objects
  • [ACEO-21339] - Staff icon on security checkpoint reappears during shift change
  • [ACEO-21341] - Copying staff room can cause wrong zoning to transfer
  • [ACEO-21394] - Boarding cannot close earlier than 30 minutes before departure causing delays for remote stands
  • [ACEO-21401] - Auto scheduler plan flights over the ATC tower limit
  • [ACEO-21447] - Unable to go back from R&D overview menu in management panel
  • [ACEO-21466] - Flightplanner night flight toggle interactable even though night flight R&D not completed
  • [ACEO-21475] - Very late arrival passengers attempting to find a baggage bay can in rare instances throw null reference exceptions and stall
  • [ACEO-21476] - A-star pathfinding threading incorrectly disabled causing stalled people and performance issues
  • [ACEO-21479] - Missing locilization key for R&D project proactive cleaning title
  • [ACEO-21490] - Security officers can in rare instances transition through a specific security check-point despite already being cleared causing wierd paths
  • [ACEO-21497] - Vehicle operation cost does not match procurement panel values

That seems to be valid for all stands, not only remote, rigth?

As a work-around, clever use of one way taxiways* should lock down your aircraft to specific runways. :slight_smile:

Anyone else experiencing issues with the + and - buttons not incrementing/decrementing the number of vehicles to order anymore sense version 34.1-3. I can only order one vehicle at the time now? I have reported it as a bug ACEO-21522.

EDIT: At first i thought it was just a display issue but even when clicking the + button an animation does indeed happen the number just does not change. Maybe the button’s logic is reversed within the code? So the one that should increment instead decrement?

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Does it still not work after the patches?

yup just tested this and my numbers aren’t changing when I click the + or - buttons for punching more than 1 vehicle.

I wonder that we will be able to assign more airlines to 1 stand :roll_eyes:

Collection of reports I found tonight:

First off my small remote stands are now leaving on time, thanks for adjusting the boarding times for remote stands! :heart: :heart_eyes:

Also, thanks for adjusting the # of GA that show up at the airport with good ratings!! :heart_eyes: My GA area is full of happy customers now :heart:

You devs are awesome and so quick at fixing things! :trophy:

ACEO- 21531

Deicing pad service road arrows layered above deicing trucks (small deicing pads, not sure about medium or large deicing pads)



One way road arrows layered above Mavrick Fuel Trucks



Vehicle number +/- toggles don’t change number when ordering, can only order 1 vehicle at a time



Fuel supply truck cannot get to fuel depot with newly build underground road access.
built underground access to my jetA1 fuel depot. yellow fuel supply trucks comes to supply gets to security checkpoint and turns around and leave. this happened when I built underground/tunnel access for my deicing fluid depot and parking lot. They deicing trucks wouldn’t go to the parking lot or the fuel supply wouldn’t fuel the fluid depot. They only went through the under ground access after I saved and loaded the game.



One way road arrows layered over Service Cars delivering Ramp agents


ACEO- (can’t submit a bug report right now, need to restart game cuz it stuck on “adding screencapture” will add later)

Small aircraft stand aircraft exit one tile left of the taxiway line. they follow the taxiway line when arriving at the stand but do not when they leave the stand.



These arrow issues suppose to be fixed on Alpha 34.1.2. Can you rebuild some roads and/or one way arrows and see what hapens?

[ACEO-21382 ] - One-way arrows layered on top of vehicles

same thing, I remember the person that reported it. They reported just the stair truck and I think that was fixed for the stair trucks but not the service cars, fuel trucks or deicing. not sure about any other vehicles as that’s all I have at my airport right now. I just tried rebuilding the roads and one way arrows and I’m still getting it and im updated to latest update of 34.1-3… Shuttle Buses are fine though. arrows are under the busses

for example I build this 4th de-icing pad tonight as I added more stands/traffic. and the arrows for the deicing pad is above the deicing truck

Will fix! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately these arrows are a bit of of a nightmare to get right. Or not really the arrows themselves but layered objects outside the terminal. I don’t want to go into the detail here but it is briefly because we use a mix of different techniques such as different shaders, materials, sprite sorting layers and position Z-value. It is basically a must to get the maximum rendering performance (especially during nighttime). It is a matter of fixing the layering in one place only to screw it up somewhere else. :confused: We will take a look again!