Airport CEO Alpha 34 Released (The R&D Update)

Will fix! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately these arrows are a bit of of a nightmare to get right. Or not really the arrows themselves but layered objects outside the terminal. I don’t want to go into the detail here but it is briefly because we use a mix of different techniques such as different shaders, materials, sprite sorting layers and position Z-value. It is basically a must to get the maximum rendering performance (especially during nighttime). It is a matter of fixing the layering in one place only to screw it up somewhere else. :confused: We will take a look again!


Is it correct, that pushback never starts earlier than 30mins before takeoff? even if plane is fully service much earlier?
or is this a bug?
and if it’s not a bug, why a ready-to-takeoff plane waits?

I’d really like to see that Cessna… :rofl:


unloaded rating now is fine, but baggage loaded rating is definitely massively wrong…


Whats the maximum number flight allowed now?

small ATC tower: 25
medium ATC tower: 75
large ATC tower: 200

you’ll find in ATC’s pop-up-info…

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Still getting Passengers waiting for bags that are not coming, I think there bags have scanned as bad and been destroyed, they wait by the bag claim belt until I reload the game

You’re not supposed to scan incoming baggage though, are you doing that?


oh are you not? Ok I will stop doing that


Your point is however still good, arriving baggage should not be able to contain dangerous contents lol… I’ll make the necessary changes.


Sound like a bug, please report it if you’re experiencing it and I’ll have a look.

No, it should only be invoked for remote stands. Terminal stands should retain the normal boarding times which depend on the number of passengers scheduled for that flight, remote lives by the same rules but get an extra hour added due to the complexity of shipping passengers to the stand.


Should contractors sit down and use toilets when not working?

I have built a nice little cabin for them with a staff room and toilet. When they are not building they head to the staff room but just stand around.


ACEO-21541 delay because of late pushback
ACEO-21557 pushback doesn’t start

Thanks for making clear, when boarding starts!
And could you have a look at
ACEO-21539 - only one boarding desk used - 180 pax piling up behind 1 of 4 boarding desks
seems to be bug, too…

That sir, is the super cessna 5000!

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Strange pathfinding issue:

red and blue paths, I’m observing, red path mostly used, by far. Green path would be best/shortest.
There’s no zoning issue and pathes are slightly changing with every S&R…

sometimes it looks as if escalators are kind of “magnetic”, for pax…

Your point is however still good, arriving baggage should not be able to contain dangerous contents lol… I’ll make the necessary changes.

Hurray arrival baggage scanning system feature is coming :stuck_out_tongue:


If I set the runway to have different planes takeoff from different points. big planes tend to enter the runway after the takeoff point, drive to that point and then turn around in place 180 degrees. Thats very annoying.

Also I don’t think airports relay on each other and do scan incoming bags… (I don’t know).

As I know, at least within schengen area they do so.
In general I think arrival baggage is only checked by customs, but not by security issues.

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I’d agree, although it varies country by country, arrival baggage checking is generally due to customs restrictions rather than security.

Once the baggage has been offloaded, explosives are of less concern, but banned or restricted sustances (money, drugs, food, tobacco, alcohol) is of more concern

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