Airport CEO Alpha 34 Released (The R&D Update)

That sir, is the super cessna 5000!

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Strange pathfinding issue:

red and blue paths, I’m observing, red path mostly used, by far. Green path would be best/shortest.
There’s no zoning issue and pathes are slightly changing with every S&R…

sometimes it looks as if escalators are kind of “magnetic”, for pax…

Your point is however still good, arriving baggage should not be able to contain dangerous contents lol… I’ll make the necessary changes.

Hurray arrival baggage scanning system feature is coming :stuck_out_tongue:


If I set the runway to have different planes takeoff from different points. big planes tend to enter the runway after the takeoff point, drive to that point and then turn around in place 180 degrees. Thats very annoying.

Also I don’t think airports relay on each other and do scan incoming bags… (I don’t know).

As I know, at least within schengen area they do so.
In general I think arrival baggage is only checked by customs, but not by security issues.

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I’d agree, although it varies country by country, arrival baggage checking is generally due to customs restrictions rather than security.

Once the baggage has been offloaded, explosives are of less concern, but banned or restricted sustances (money, drugs, food, tobacco, alcohol) is of more concern

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After updating the 34 version, I ca n’t see the world map when I create a new game. Have you changed the network provider? I live in China. Now I have to use a VPN to download the map. Many players in China do n’t know how to do it. Please help us. :pleading_face:


Somewhere I read that in the future the map will be shipped with the game so you won’t need to download it on first launch anymore. Can’t provide a link to the statement right now though.

Their speed amazes me regularly

Hi am I the only one that can not progress to build a medium runway etc, despite having a whole table of directors. Also can not add approach lights to small runway?

Your point is however still good, arriving baggage should not be able to contain dangerous contents lol… I’ll make the necessary changes.

Hurray arrival baggage scanning system feature is coming :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess Olof means that for the ratings it’s not being calculated for arriving bagage and that if people build arrival bagage scanners that there will be no dangerous bagage :wink:

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Does anyone else experience 0 satisfaction increase for airlines with modded liveries?

Have you unlocked the relevant tech tree items?

You need to “research” a commercial licence
This unlocks the ability “research” an extended commercial licence and night flights (separate research projects).
Once you have the extended commercial licence you can “research” the medium aircraft permit.
When you get the medium aircraft permit you can build medium aircraft structures (runways stands etc.)
To get to large aircraft you need to get the ultimate commercial licence and then the large aircraft permit

To unlock runway lights, you need to research night flights and then the “advance runway lighting”.

This blog post explains the R&D process.

Someone has also posted an image of the tech tree unlock dependencies somewhere.

If it’s a prior save game into 34 then existing contracts don’t change. New ones do. Cancel them and regen them with ƒ10.


Isn’t there a way to cancel contracts without cancel all active flights right?

Alas I’m afraid not. But Olof might.

New day, new update. Alpha 34.1-4 is here with the following changes:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 34.1-4



  • [ACEO-21508] - Aircraft number counter in bottom panel shows incorrect values
  • [ACEO-21528] - Incorrect random chance calculation can cause conveyor belt scanning station to not correctly identify dangerous baggage
  • [ACEO-21533] - Vehicle procurement toggles for increased ordering number reversed
  • [ACEO-21544] - Baggage loaded on aircraft rating can randomly drop to 0%
  • [ACEO-21554] - Security check-point job tasks can in rare instances where a security officer cannot get to their original start position be reassigned to an incorrect new start position causing security check-point activation to deadlock
  • [ACEO-21556] - Arriving baggage can contain dangerous content
  • [ACEO-21566] - Jetway upgrade for stands active before floor permit R&D is completed

What about this one “ACEO-21522”?

Oh, new bus-stops are nice!

Nice, that you dont have to develop AVgas atm :slight_smile:
Oh, and buy vehicle in the vehicles tab, very nice!
Maybe make the “no contract” notification in the depot clickable?

I find it weird the “build” bar does not close, on a second click on a category.

Two lane “one-way” roads seem not possible, is that a problem with vehicles passing each-other?

The R&D logo/depiction is not in the tutorial yet, would be nice, all other steps have little pictures :slight_smile:

The Tutorial never told me to build a stand near the terminal, or the terminal near the stand, so, you have no clue that there is a relationship between them, you find out about it when you are asked to build a boarding desk. Then in the next step, you are asked to drag between them, while you have no stands yet!

The tutorial then goes on, to list all staff types and their functions, while a lot of functions are not relevant yet, so, it is a lot extra information. Also, the tutorial assumes people are familiar with technical airport related terms, does everybody know what a “turnaround service” is?

Staff lower as the bar setting, is not auto-rejected, so, if you wait with a bar setting on, you can wait forever. Oh, I like the coloring!

The tutorial does not explain that you can see capacity in use of the hired staff from operations menu.

Contracts still assume that someone knows what are small, medium or large planes, based on type numbers, I really have no clue, so have no idea what contract to sign.

It is possible to drag multiple flights into the flight planner manually, but when confirming the last one, 2 return to the listing???

The Tutorial does not specify where one can find airline satisfaction.

No timer on training staffers? You instant get it, and then instantly can train again?

Applicants still refreshing while you hover employees, please lock the employee under the hover in place.

The tutorial tells me to hire a procurement director, what I did, but now I have no idea where to click or what to do, to get access to a medium runway.

Oh… project frames are clickable… hahahaha, that took me a while to figure out. :sweat_smile:
Still no idea what to click to get a medium runway though.
Maybe the tutorial can tell me I need an Extended Commercial licence? (I think so, at least, I am now going to click that.) ~ oh, I guessed right, and now I need a medium aircraft permit…

Can we get a key to open R&D projects page?

Oh, if a project has more as it MAX number of administrators, a new project stalls, I cannot bug report it, since I just undone it by clicking the minus. My administrators were still locked in the old project.

Can the “non-hover” moment of the satisfaction badges set on a (longer) timer. Now if you hover a bit next to it, it is gone, it should only close when you are outside its boundary for a while, with some leeway.

Dont we get a notication if an R&D project is finished? or did I miss it? I dont see an email.

Can the resupply slider at oil depots, get a “apply to all oil depots” tick box?

I found a way, to open R&D projects page without a scrollbar on the side, I have no idea what I did though.


Lol, I got people boarding on a dismissed plane, while on the taxi-lane :smiley:

Queues have troubling when copying them.


Why do we have microseconds to read this txt?

My cat just removed the UI, that is a new kind of bug! :smiley:, let me introduce, Roos;


On a reload, my staff froze.

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