Airport CEO Beta 5 released

Started a new airport, clicked on save to leave the game and it didn’t save and what i had built disapeared

@VOID, thank you for the setting.


I just found that I was posting to BETA 4 topic insted here, so my issue is related to BETA 5, I’ll add here all my posts.

Am I the only one who can not delete secure tiles/area ?

I tried to disable all mods, I also started a new airport, I can “paint” secure tiles but I can not delete them with ctrl …


Yes it does work, that’s how it stays, I keep ctrl pressed, I select the area to delete and then when I release the mouse button it stays selected but does not delete the area, and this first happen to an old save so I thought it is a problem related to it but then I started a new airport and the problem still exist, I also used the verify files from steam and no mods activated … Also after this happens the “esc” button does not work anymore…

@Olof so after more investigation I found that the issue is related to the current experimental version, I just tried with a older build of the game (3.4 to be more precise) and I had no issue in creating and deleting secure areas. I also delete and reinstall the current version (deleted all files, in appdata aswell) but the issue still persist with the current version.

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Also the issue it’s not related to any save nor mods, because after I’ve got this in my save all other trials that I did were on fully new games with no mods installed.

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Rolling out beta 5.0-1 now! It fixed the crash to desktop with zones and a bunch of other things. Last update for the working week but you never know if we might be back during the weekend! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Beta 5.0-1


  • [ACEO-38743] - Objects are in rare cases render through floors
  • [ACEO-38748] - Tutorial jumps to wrong checklist after completing previous checklist
  • [ACEO-38763] - Certain objects can in extremely rare instances not remove world notification container when activated
  • [ACEO-38764] - Incorrect calc variable for parking lot need ratio determination can cause only half of parking lots to fill up
  • [ACEO-38791] - Adjusted patrol shift length to avoid excessive job task generation in early game stages
  • [ACEO-38813] - Highlighted that only contractors can pass through fence gates in object description
  • [ACEO-38817] - Employees not being able to execute a job task while transitioning secure zone do not spawn world notification containing path finding investigatable data
  • [ACEO-38841] - Tutorial panel checklist button can under certain circumstances become uninteractable
  • [ACEO-38848] - Planning attachable fuel tanks allow for building more than the set limit
  • [ACEO-38854] - Jet exhaust not properly rendered on macOS
  • [ACEO-38864] - Aircraft heat haze renderes incorrectly on large stand during night
  • [ACEO-38866] - Boarding procedures can in extremely rare instances not be invoked for remote stand flights causing flight turnaround to stall
  • [ACEO-38867] - Dummy agent, trailer links and ULD renders if spawned while camera is viewing lower floors
  • [ACEO-38876] - Removing zone can cause a stackoverflow exception resulting in a crash to desktop
  • [ACEO-38882] - Fuel depot incorrectly accepts more than six fuel tanks if the fuel tanks hasn't been built

You are awesome guys ! We all thank you for hard and long work at this late hour ! (in Europe)


Thanks for the fixes. Great job.


Hi people!

Sorry for using this topic Orlof

About the route the aircraft uses to reach the stand. Look at the image.

Is there any way to force aircraft to go straight on the bigger arrow instead of taking that other route?

Make it a one way

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And through the night (In California) :rofl:

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Hello. I reported this through the bug sys as ACEO38954 but I’m also posting here for further disscusion’s / opininons.

I’ve got this big airport, at this moment only the left terminal is usable as painted Terminal 1, it contains 3 fingers, I’ll call them West side (left with 5x M gates), Middle side (center with 3x L and 5x M gates, and East side (right side, next to RWY36/18) with 3x L , 1x M and 4x M remote stands. Each finger have it’s own utilities like bag drop/pick up, security and passport control. Each finger is an international zone, on the ground level the secure areas do not communicate between them, on the 1st floor each finger is also an international area but once you went through passport control after arriving you get to a common secure area.

Now my Issue is that with this layout, with only 1 flight set for gate B22 (large) in the middle side, departing pax will go throug security not only on Middle side as supposed, but also on the West and East finger and after they pass the security check they won’t take the closest passport control ahead of them, so instead pax’s that went through West finger security checkpoints will want to go through the East finger passport control so they won’t have an available path.

Now as a solution I am thinking that pax should fetch the closest passport control after passing through security check or else there should be a way to assign passport check to security checkpoints. This on a dev side.

As a walkaround I think I can either create udnerground tunnels to connect all the areas between the security check and passport check on all 3 fingers or I should adapt the airport for each finger becoming a different terminal, but with this layout I kinda want to keep T1 with 3 fingers and the other construction T2, so I will kindly want to ask you considering the solution that I was thinking on the dev side.

Thank you and best wishes!

ACEO-33784 Taxiways can now be dragged out diagonally (new feature)

Just saw this in Trello. It’s not a Beta 5 bug; instead, a Beta 5 or 6 new feature. This is big. When can we look forward to implementation?


The onboard meal and cleaning cars are leaving one terminal and going to another terminal, even though they are linked to terminal 1.

Detail, the second terminal is not yet in use.

I’m in doubt if I report this as a bug.

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All cars are going to another terminal for no apparent reason.

Some airlines’ flights are zeroed out.

The workers stopped building structures.

These problems started to appear at the same time.

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Well, if they are assigned to a terminal and they violate that rule then that is a bug.

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When I load a save I am getting an error that a mod failed to load, is there any way to see exactly which one failed instead of taking them one by one by exclusion ?

i am not sure but the error message should say something about the mod. but then depends if the modder renamed mod.json to the airline name…

Anyone else noticing issues hiring more than 103 ramp agents?
Every time I hire new, they disappear again.

right click on the taxi path, then you can make it one way.