Airport CEO Bug Reporting

About Airport CEO Bug Reporting

Airport CEO is currently being developed and as such it is natural that with the deployment of unstable versions to the experimental branch and large stable changes to the default branch, you as a player encounter a few bugs here and there.

To solve those bugs we’ve set up an in-game bug reporting tool which is the preferred method to report bugs in Airport CEO. When in-game, open the main menu and press “report bug”. Fill out the form and the bug report will automatically get sent to us and our public Jira instance.

There’s also an option to report bugs using the web portal, if you prefer to use this then go to and check the footer menu for a button that says “report bug”. Press it, follow the instructions and fill in the form (however, we do prefer you using the in-game reporting tool).

Due to spam prevention measures, your bug will not be able to be viewed immediately. We manually approve each submission and if the bug goes into the workflow it becomes visible.

Since very few bugs are unique to one player, we get loads of duplicates sent to us which is very helpful as it enables us to test our solutions on many different airport save files but due to risk of getting buried in administrative work most bug reports will never be processed through the official flow. In some cases we link several bug reports together and mark as duplicates, this can be seen in a specific issue’s detail view on Jira.

However, we do read through every bug report that gets sent to us.

Registering an account with the Jira instance is not possible due to licensing costs.

To get better insight into the current missing features, know bugs of ACEO and trouble shooting, refer to this site:

To view our public Trello boards check out the following links:

Airport CEO Development:

Airport CEO Features:

To learn more about our development process, check out this link:

If there are any questions, suggestion or concerns we’d be happy to discuss them in this thread.


The Airport CEO Development Jira has been live since a few hours back and is now fully and correctly tweaked, at least for this initial stage. The road to a transparent development process continues and we’re now ready to invite you in.

Many of the reported bugs are hidden due to privacy concerns, we have just around 1300 bugs logged where we estimate around 50 percent to be duplicates and another 25 percent being user errors or old, unhandled bugs that have already been fixed.

News: You can now also submit improvement suggestions and requests for new features! They will get logged with everything else and although we will still mainly focus on bugs it is always interesting to hear your ideas.

Text above has been slightly modified.

I tried to sign up, but got a na nah.

I also cannot host my own save files.

But all due respect, it’s a cool system.

You are not allowed to sign up as of now, only public viewing is allowed for the time being (to manage complexity).

You should not be required to host your own save files, submitting them via the form should be enough or does it not work?

Ah okay.

Yeah, it says where I am hosting my saved files for you to collect…

There’s been at least three items I wanted to submit since the change on the website, hence my previous comment about me not being able to bug report anymore.

Hmm, strange. What happens if you empty your cache?

Yeah, it’s been a bit unstable today since we launched it and tweaked it continuously. Jira Cloud is not as agile and… hacking friendly as Jira Server… to say the least.

Which cache?

Typically I use Safari to browse, but you had some weird scripting and not liking what Safari did with my preferences, so used Firefox to submit reports. Some site cross linking it didn’t like.

I have Safari quite locked down in that respect.

I’m also running over two Mac’s at the same time…

So what exactly does it look like when you file a bug report now? Can you screen me the submission form? <3

Turns the iMac back on…

Two moments…

Ah, it now has a drop files here function… That wasn’t there half hour ago…

It also didn’t have the EXP branch an hour ago either…

Sending you my latest build too.

I guess I was just very early with this.

Yep, working they well. Very very nice platform for the bugs.

Did you get to the bottom of the turn-around times on the 42’s?

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So just a quick update on the Jira, we had some issues with sensitive data, after removal, still being displayed in the issue history. Jira Cloud does not support removal of history without performing a manual clone (thanks Atlassian!) so we have decided to hide all user submitted bugs that were collected via the form that was displayed directly on the website until we can properly secure that data without wasting hours on manual labor.

This does not mean that the bugs will not be processed, just that they won’t be able to be seen. All new bugs submitted are however correctly configured and will be inputted to the regular workflow.

Yes, that has been fixed on the experimental branch! :slight_smile:

Fuel delivery trucks gets stuck in the checkpoint and turns around, so no fuel gets delivered

Ok, one small bug I noticed. Since A320 and ATR-42 were introduced yesterday, you will only get those in contracts at new airport started after their introduction, not in old airports that were build before.

I had the ATR-42 with an old build. I found a bug with it too. Even with a new build, not had the a320 in contracts.

Not even if you regenerate contracts via the F10 menu?

I managed to get it working after reinstalling the game gave to try F10 menu. But I only get cheap contracts and only very few medium and small.
Edit: Tried F10 menu all contracts are regenerating but it takes quite some time. Looks like new planes are in them but I still havent seen all airlines.

Small bug on the flight planner page (I’m playing on a Mac). When the day rolls over to the next day at midnight the previous day remains highlighted in the top tab and details not updated unless you exit the page and open it again.

Please don’t use this thread for bug reporting, but send in bugs via the website instead:!default.jspa :slight_smile: