Airport CEO in 3D?

do you think you will ever bring out a 3d version if this is successful? and replace all the old airport management games with a new and better airport game ?


Personally, I prefer a 2d version. Easier to simulate larger numbers of passengers and also a more minimalist style.


Agree. The devs actually did start with a 3D game in mind and have moved to 2D for a variety of reasons, not least being the success of the 2D game “Prison Tycoon”.

I like the idea of the 2D game. We know that ACEO is going to be a complex game, and the relative simplicity in the graphics will work well to ensure that the management can be the most important thing.


Yeah, I think this pretty much sums it up. Adding an extra dimension in the game world literally adds an extra dimension in development.


I wish this game in 3D all the time. It will be like playing The Sims but now we manage an airport terminal instead of a house. Imagine how exciting to build an airport and spot a plane take off or landing in 360 degree view, that will be a hype.

Like ATC4 - I’m Air Traffic Controller

I think the view will be more like Cities Skylines but focusing at the airport management, not the city aspect. Imagine spotting airplanes at your own build airport :star_struck:

Yes like @me123 said, it will be more simple to manage the airport at 2D, so may be in building mode or blueprint mode there an option to switch to 2D or birdview angle so player can easily and make the management aspect more simple.

I wish the developer of Airport CEO see this great potential they have with this game if it in 3D view.

I think they do, but they have said they want to move away from ACEO for at least a bit

You want sort of a Cities: Skylines/ACEO crossover? :slight_smile:

[Custom airport in Cities:Skylines, unfortunately not mine]


Ahh, a favorite of mine…
What’s going on, everything is cities skylines nowadays?!
I have always thought what if they combined ACEO, Cities: Skylines, and Transport Fever 2… What a game that would be!


Hi, actually i’m performing this airport design, with suspended terminal, une way for arrived and another to departure passengers

You may try sky haven

if it is 3d i would say it should be more like megaquarium style (simplistic 3d) this is because it would either it will take a huge amount of recources or will eather date quickly for realistic 3d.

Respectfully, I don’t 3D as a feature request as it does not enhance elements within the current game it requires creation of a different game entirely (even if based on current ACEO functionality).

I understand that a 3D version could be very difficult to creat for the developper. But it could be for sure an amazing opus! :smiley: I dream about angular wall, not all by square. Maybe a first step to take? :slight_smile:

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Wow this is amazing :heart_eyes:

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