Airport CEO Mod Manager Businesses Suggestion Topic



Name of business: Julius Meinl

Base country of business: Austria

Business description: Julius Meinl is a leading coffee company in Austria, Italy, Central, and Eastern Europe. The company operates in over 70 countries with over 650 employees worldwide. Its business focuses on coffee, tea and fruit preserves with coffee being the most important category. Julius Meinl serves more than 40,000 customers worldwide every day.
Name of CEO: Marcel Löffler

Business’ work area: Coffee



Name of business: Cave Shepherd

Base country of business: Barbados

Business description: Cave Shepherd is a Barbados-based retailer formed in 1906 as a partnership between two men, Messrs Cave and Shepherd. For several decades, the company itself retailed goods to both locals and tourists from its flagship store on Broad Street.

Name of CEO: John M.B. Williams

Business’ work area: Department Store



Name of business: Colombian Emeralds International

Base country of business: United States of America

Business description: From humble beginnings with two stores in Freeport, Bahamas more than 40 years ago, Colombian Emeralds International has expanded to over 60 locations throughout the Caribbean, Central America and on-board Norwegian Cruise Lines. Today, we are one of the largest retailers in the region, offering a large selection of renowned jewelry and watch brands.

Name of CEO: Peter Allan

Business’ work area: Jewellery



Name of business: Diamonds International

Base country of business: United States of America

Business description: Diamonds International was established over thirty years ago. What began as one store in St. Thomas has now blossomed into more than 125 locations. Diamonds International is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world. We have more locations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska than any other fine jeweler, with the company’s headquarters in New York City.

Name of CEO: Morris Gad

Business’ work area: Jewellery



Name of business: Bijoux Terner

Base country of business: United States of America

Business description: Bijoux Terner is a global chain of fashion retail stores with over 700 locations around the world and headquartered in Miami, Florida. Bijoux Terner has over 35 years of experience designing, sourcing, and selling fashion accessories: watches, necklaces, pashminas, scarves, handbags, ties, and travel accessories.

Name of CEO: Gabriel Bottazzi

Business’ work area: Accessories



Name of business: Ganzee

Base country of business: Barbados

Business description: Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited together with its partner African Propriety (Holdings) Inc. operates Ganzee, a leading destination souvenir retail operation in the islands of Barbados and Grenada. Ganzee shops offer a wide range of quality souvenir items ranging from apparel such as hats, caps and t-shirts to gifting and home-wares.

Name of CEO: Clifford Nolan

Business’ work area: Souvenir


Name of business: Best of Barbados Gift Shop

Base country of business: Barbados

Business description: Best of Barbados Gift Shop is an established family business, with 5 super gift shops on the island. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with distinctive merchandise that is made or designed in Barbados — and a happy shopping environment with a warm, friendly Bajan smile.

Name of CEO: Sue Trew

Business’ work area: Souvenirs



Name of business: Farmacity

Base country of business: Argentina

Business description: Farmacity is a protagonist in the field of health in Argentina thanks to the dedication of our experienced pharmaceutical technical directors and their specialized teams. Service excellence, responsibility and the vocation to think about people define the value proposition of our company since its foundation in 1997.

Name of CEO: Sebastian Miranda

Business’ work area: Pharmacy



Name of business: OPEN 25HS!

Base country of business: Argentina

Business description: OPEN 25HS! Is a drugstore developed from the concept of customer-first. Every OPEN 25HS! stores offer an unparalleled range of products and services that attract the public, where our staffs can server you with courtesy and make you feel comfortable.

Name of CEO: Juan Manuel Damiani

Business’ work area: Drugstore



Name of business: Café Havanna

Base country of business: Argentina

Business description: Café Havanna is a chain of franchise coffee stores founded in Argentina by the Havanna manufacturing company. Café Havanna sells not only different varieties of coffee, but also the classic and popular Havanna products like alfajores, lemon cookies, brownies, cakes and other chocolate and dulce de leche desserts. The company now has 230 points-of-sale throughout Argentina and in other Latin American countries, in Spain and the United States.

Name of CEO: Chrystian Colombo

Business’ work area: Pastries, coffee



Name of business: Ali & Nino

Base country of business: Azerbaijan

Business description: Ali & Nino is an Azerbaijani bookselling chain founded in 2005. We offer more than 40 thousand names of classical, modern Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and foreign literature, children’s books, textbooks and professional publications, art books, books in foreign languages. We have been cooperating with the 50 largest Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and foreign publishers for continuous replenishment of the assortment.

Name of CEO: Nigar Korchali

Business’ work area: Books



Name of business: Libraff

Base country of business: Azerbaijan

Business description: A recent newcomer to the book chain in Azerbaijan, Libraff is founded by Taleh Heydarov, son of the esteemed minister Kamaleddin Heydarov. Libraff has grown to become a major key player and competitor in the book retail industry.

Name of CEO: Taleh Heydarov

Business’ work area: Book



Name of business: Shaurma №1

Base country of business: Shaurma №1

Business description: Shaurma, a fast food restaurant and cafe chain, is proud to be the first nation-wide name in the fast food industry. For several years now, we have made national delicacies for a quality and healthy food, providing our customers with a whole range of high-quality services.

Name of CEO: Roman Khaligov (fictional)

Business’ work area: Burger, fries, drinks (casual fast food)



Name of business: Entrée Bakeries

Base country of business: Georgia

Business description: Entrée is a Frency-style artisan bakery chain based out of Georgia established in 2008. Aside from pastries, Entrée also offers an assortment of breakfast menus and soups, along with fresh juices, coffee, and tea. Entrée currently operates in Azerbaijan as well, with plans to become an international brand.

Name of CEO: Jean Michel Charles

Business’ work area: Pastries, breakfast, juice, coffee, tea



Name of business: ABAD

Base country of business: Azerbaijan

Business description: ABAD is a public legal entity run by the Government of Azerbaijan. Established in 2016, ABAD aims to, amongst other objectives, develop small and medium businesses. This includes business planning, marketing, branding and design, financial accounting and legal assistance services to family households.

Name of CEO: Rufat Elchiyev

Business’ work area: Souvenir (handcrafts), jams, organic honey, meat products

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Name of business: Pit Stop

Base country of business: Azerbaijan

Business description: During its 9 years of functioning “Pit-Stop” cafe network has gained respect and trust of its clients. Our mission is providing to our clients the dishes prepared from purely organic and ecologically safe products. We practice “open kitchen” principle so that our customers can be convinced of high quality and cooking conditions in the kitchen. High quality service is one of the distinguished characteristics of “Pit-Stop” cafes.

Name of CEO: Roman Khaligov (fictional)

Business’ work area: Pizza, western food



Name of business: Massimo Dutti

Base country of business: Spain

Business description: Massimo Dutti is a clothes manufacturing company that is part of the Inditex group. Although started as a men’s clothing company, the company now produces and markets women’s and children’s line, as well as perfumes. Massimo Dutti is present in 75 countries with 781 stores.
Name of CEO: Pablo Isla

Business’ work area: Men’s clothes, women’s clothes, children’s clothes, perfumes



Name of business: The Belgian Chocolate House

Base country of business: Belgium

Business description: The Belgian Chocolate House is an initiative of the International Duty Free. Today, with more than 800 tons of chocolate sold each year in Zaventem, The Belgian Chocolate House offers three sorts of confectionery: pralines, chocolates, biscuits. The Belgian Chocolate House is the largest sales point of chocolate worldwide: 1.4 kg per minute, 24/7.

Name of CEO: Nicolas Van Brandt

Business’ work area: Confectionery (pralines, chocolates, biscuits)



Name of business: Crystal Media

Base country of business: Spain

Business description: Crystal Media was founded in 1995. Specialized in electronics and select multimedia products, with stores in airports and international commercial areas as well as online sales. We expose a differentiated offer by brands where each of them can present their best products. At the same time, we only offer brands of international prestige for customers and travelers to have after-sales service in any country to which they travel.

Name of CEO: Lluis Blasi Elias

Business’ work area: Electronics



Name of business: Cortés

Base country of business: Brazil

Business description: Cortés is a chain of rotisseries established in Brazil. In a house like Cortés, the center of attention is the ember. Fresh ingredients, recipes that bring the simplicity and strength of the countryside food. The chain has now expanded to 3 major cities in Brazil.

Name of CEO: Ailton

Business’ work area: Grilled meat, drinks, beers