Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


Thank you Patrick. I also want to thank @Olof for making this badge possible and @Fredrik for their hard work on AirportCEO :heart:


Congratulations indeed! Thoroughly deserved :smiley:


I can not understand how it works!!! I am Russian. I use google translator.
Ok. I downloaded. here is my folder.
папка с ACEOM

I go to the folder ACEOMM and use *.exe.
Double Click “europe”, click “business”, select all aircompany (blue), click “right arrow”, close and click “install mod”. a folder “europe” was created in gamefolder. BUT i have this message.

And when I started the game, I did not see the contracts from AVIAcompany.


Yes something is going wrong with a product. You are doing nothing wrong, it seems i am :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but i cannot fix this till later today :frowning:


if you wait, I will give more information now


I can record a video and put it on YouTube and show in detail all the steps


Don’t worry he is aware of situation but he doesn’t have free time to fix it. He will do it later on.


but I have nothing at all … =(
maybe I’m doing some stupid mistake


No, i made a new version today. I screwed up.

If you want slightly older data, unzip the datafiles_europe.7z and place the files manually.


Ok. I did it. i place the files manually. but there’s nothing in the game

Use_Default = false


This is not our day :frowning:
It could be that there are not enough small companies. set use_defaults to true. Conttacts should appear when your airport is bigger


But, when I installed the mod with your program, I got contracts: builders, fuel, and others. Except airlines. And when I installed it manually, there’s nothing. No builders contracts. No fuel contracts… nothing


Okay, i found the issues. There were actually several unrelated things that coincided on this otherwise beautiful day :smiley:

  • The data in the google sheet had a column added, throwing the airline import function, and thus also game file generation out of whack, since the data was in a different column than expected
  • It seemed that the shops had 1 item (Grilled something with beef) that did not have the same capitalization in restaurant as in product sheet. I now check that case insensitive :slight_smile:
  • It seems the game reads ALL json files it encounters…not just its own :smiley: We added an Identification.json file in the livery folder that is used by ACEOMM to auto link liveries to airlines and to provide author information in the game folder. But the game (i think) tried to read it and failed silently, resulting in a perpetual loading screen :wink:

I generated Europe and played with it in game, so i know for certain it at least works on my machine :smiley:

I also got some people telling me their anti-virus tagged ACEOMM as suspicious… That’s a tough one. My files individually are deemed okay by, so it must be something in the execution that triggers the AV, but i really have no clue at this time.
If you don’t trust it, just download the DataFiles zips. They contain the generated game files.

Sorry for the inconvenience and have fun :smiley:


ok. have you updated all the archives?
As you said before, can i just put the archive in a folder?


Ok. I have contracts! But the format of the logos is incorrect. I think all logos should be square. And then the game will not stretch them.

For example, i fixed WIZZ AIR:
папка с ACEOM 9
папка с ACEOM 10
I think all the logos were simply downloaded from the Internet and were not optimized

But the livery is excellent =)

Say me please, if I want to install several folders (for example, europe, asia). Do I just have to put two folders next to it? :
папка с ACEOM 8


You can combine in ACEOMM two or more continents


pderuiter, NOT WORK!!!
Mod Manager cannt install livrey and crush mod!
Ok. I copied the folder “EUROPE” manually and this work!
But, If I install the mod using the MOD INSTALLER, then… clear. No livrey, no contract…


I think i forgot to put the new images over the old ones :slight_smile: On the Google Drive is a Logos_PNG_256 folder. If you download that and put it over the images in the ACEOMM data folder, it should look better. People have been putting updated images in there that are at least square :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what’s going wrong destinxxx, Is there a log file in .\data\Log?


Note to self (and warning to everyone else)
If you are adding things by hand into the game AND using the Mod Manager, DO NOT name your own files/folders the same name as what the mod manager uses, otherwise it WILL un-install all your manually added files/folders if you hit un-install :open_mouth:


Really? Thats a bug. Thats what the aceomm.mod files are for. To see what is ‘mine’

Will check. Sorry :frowning: hope you didnt lose too much