Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


No big deal, I lost all my contracts with airlines (they now all coming up as ? ) and for some reason even after I put the manually added airlines back in they not showing up in the game, but that could have been cause I might have put them in the wrong place…

One of these days I really gonna have to figure out how to add the manual airlines into your great program so I don’t have to worry about it… :slight_smile:


Did you put those manual companies in the same mod folder as ‘mine’ (like Europe)?

If you put them in a separate folder (Companies\MyCompanies), iw ont touch them


Yup, that was my mistake, I named it “Oceanic” which was what MM had…


For some reason, I do not have contracts for fuel.
Airlines and everything else is there, but there is no fuel.

I tried to delete all the mods and reinstall it, but it did not help.


Which continenet or country are you using? Do you get fuel contracts when you enable “use default companies” or when you don’t use mods at all?


I use:

  • North America
  • Global
    I build an airport in North America.

If you include a default contracts, fuel contracts appear.


I think the problem is that North America and Global only have Big contractors, while the game will want to start you with small and medium.

@EG0611 Perhaps we should make sure that each contract type has a small / medium business for each region


@pderuiter, Perhaps it is.

Has added region “Local”.
From the fuel contracts became available “Rubis”(It has two stars).

What file and what value is responsible for the number of stars?


In aceomm you change the class. Double click a business, you should see a field where you can choose class.
do that for the businesses you want, then save changes and install mod. It will update the game files.


how do I install the program, or do I only need to download liverys?


Check the top post in this topic for more info.

To get started:

  • download and unzip aceomm.7z anywhere you want
  • download aceomm.exe and overwrite the one from the zip
  • download liveries folder and put it in the aceomm data folder (so data/liveries/airbus etc)
  • start aceomm and press the update button (will get latest businesses and link most liveries to the airline)
  • save changes
  • select the region on the left and press the install mod button
  • for the GA liveries, install the Global region mod


Ok I worked that out but they are nut showing up in game


which region did you install? Some regions have only big companies, and the game wants to start you out with small or medium.
See my previous answer on how to change that.

A simple alternative is to keep using the default companies. To enable these, click on the corresponding buttons top right :slight_smile:


Do they work is older games? The don’t show up on the contracts tab.



Patrick I would love to add new businesses with all stars but I can’t just made up businesses :frowning:

I even opened a topic about it. Unofficial ACEO Mod Manager Franchise Businesses Suggestion Topic


yes, these companies should all work. But as i said, the game wants you to start with a small contractor. imm not sure we Have a small contractor. Enabling defaults means the smaller businesses of the game itself get used as well. Once your airport is bigger you can turn it off again


Not make up. Just reduce their class :slight_smile: having at least 1 in each class would suffice i think


Yes but 1 star on each continent is necessary. Let me look and what I can do.


Not the contractors but airline contracts. There is none. Not even the original airlines.

I already have medium stands.


So use_default is on? You will only get airlines that have a livery. But in Europe that should be plenty (if you placed the liveries folder correctly and pushed the update button).
Can you give me a screenshot of your aceomm file structure? I want to make sure the liveries are where the program expects them :slight_smile: