Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


On the Bank tab to get a loan, there is no name it says N/A


That looks good.
Can you go to the game data folder? Lets check if the game files are proper.
Can you screenshot the adria aorways game folder? In Datazfiles/Companies/Europe.
I want to see if the game files have been generated (especially adria airways.json) and if the livery files are copied correctly (should have a folder name crj700_pigscroll if im not mistaken).
Canbyou also opej thw adria airways.jsoon and screenshot it? I want to see if it is filled properly


Sorry for the late response…


Does this have to be in “_”? so “FALSE”


As i said before. use_default should be true to generate the small businesses.
In the file here (and the same in DataFiles/Products) put TRUE.

This will give you the original companies, which are smaller.


I allready have an airport finished all I need is the airlines but it is not generating any contracts. Yes I have about 20 medium gates.


I don’t understand why you aren’t getting any. Adria airways seems fine, so at least you should get contracts with them.

Is there something else missing about your airport? I have a feeling this has not to do with modded airlines.
Do you have security? runway and stand set to receive commercial?


Sheesh I am getting sick of avast flagging your mod… - Just put the latest version on and got this when I went to run it:


Stupid company, al they need to do is go get the code from github… :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. Yeah, i put all my files through Nothing


hehe yea, I ran a scan with avast and it was clean, but when I tried to run aceomm again I got that message and it blocked it from running… - In the end I just created an exception to run it…
Avast really need to get their act together.


Perhaps i should plan a session with someone where i just comment out pieces of code and send the new version to see what makes avast flag it.
Perhaps because i load the xml file at the start. Something i do after starting up anyways.

I hate false positives, but in the end it beats false negatives :slight_smile:


Well I would say that avast won’t bring it up or flag it again, they just sent me this:

If you want to use your Mod powers and delete the messages where we been talking about it be my guest :slight_smile:


I’ll leave it up if you don’t mind, in case other players have a similar issue with other AV products :slight_smile:

I will probably move it to a new topic


Hey guys, do you know if its possible to just install airlines that have custom liveries?


Do you mean you don’t want to see airlines with only regular livery? If then it is possible but it is very exhausting. You need to check every airline’s fleet.


So beautiful. Real airlines are definitely adding something to the game. 1 day in future, real airlines will fly from and to their base countries and maybe even their country’s major/minor airports based on their contract stars and aircraft type.


Quite a long thread and nice tool :slight_smile:

I was thinking of forking the project to incorporate a database to use instead of those textfiles. The load time is a bit on the downside :frowning: Would you rather have it forked or do you already plan to add DB support to your tool?


The program is created by @pderuiter so the best answer belongs to him.


Hey Teddy, thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where exactly you would add db support.
I have an xml file for local storage, but after the initial load (which is still very fast imo) i only access it when you press the save button. Which is also very fast. And that is 1 xml file, while you talk about multiple files.
The program generates json files on the fly, but those are for the game, so no db support needed there either.
And we have the excel sheet that resides online. Granted, that might be something that a database backed website could have a benefit.
Then again, the excel sheet works fine as it is and acts more like a baseline. It allows us full control atm since we started having some trolling issues.

Tl;dr; Fine by me, but not sure what exactly you want to put in there :slight_smile:


When I tried the tool the first time I was a bit suprised and drawn back by the big data files. Ok, JSON is still smaller than XML ^^" So the DB was primarily due to data size reduction and driven by my professional web development background.

So I also thought of doing a website to collect and share the data. Although that would mean tremendous amount of data/traffic in terms of textures.

Loading all the data-files took a while, might be my system, but yea.

TL;TR: reduce the overall data footprint by introducing a relational database :slight_smile: