Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


The biggest data footprint is the images for the liveries. Putting these in a database doesn’t help :slight_smile:

  • The program itself is 330 Kb
  • The xml datastore is 840Kb
  • The images for 1100 businesses is 37Mb
  • The liveries (images + small json files) is 135Mb

As i said, be my guest and make a database backend (shouldnt be hard, i made a DataService Interface and an XmlDataService override, so making a db DAL would be done in a matter of hours tops), but putting almost 200Mb of images into a database won’t speed it up :slight_smile:


My mod fleet is 138MB alone, and that’s just the half dozen airlines and liveries I done. Admit, I do have more custom liveries than published to ACEOMM but just adding that the liveries can grow quite quick in the GB size.


Mine no-where as big as that :stuck_out_tongue:



That’s normal because some of your livery .png file sizes were 25 MB :smiley: I literally felt pain when I tried to add them to the Google Drive thanks to my country’s horrible network.


Admit, I do have more custom liveries than published to ACEOMM

:open_mouth: how could you? :open_mouth:


Copyright laws I’m afraid. I don’t own the artwork EG so I’m unable to submit to ACEOMM otherwise I’d be breaking the law.


Is it because livery files don’t belong to you or you are afraid of that airline?

If the answer is first then let me contact with that designer. If the second one; Done you already made Qantas and Air New Zealand if these airlines won’t sue you, no one else would.


It’s the livery designs themselves. ANZ and Qantas I’ve redone everything.


I see. I suggest you to contact with actual designer. If you want we can also be included.


Hi ! I c’ant see Europe shop and food when i play . Why ?
I can see only airlines companies .


Did you download the latest ACEOMM.7z and ACEOMM.exe from Google Drive?
Did you select “Europe” on ACEOMM menu or you manually selected Europe businesses?
What are the area sizes of food and shop areas?


@pderuiter god beware of putting images to a database. Kill those ppl who do it all the time in web projects. Reminds me of putting json blob data in single columns, just because of ERM ignorance. Damn those …

Yea, will think about it. Maybe having a website might be more feasible for me … have to think about it ^^"


It’s the lord of the rings designs, impossible to redo from scratch , and we all know what movie companies are like regarding their work… :stuck_out_tongue:


Awww come on do you think big companies will waste their time, money and human power to find the modder who made this? I bet smeone already made livery for FSX, Vatsim or IVAO.


Yup, you are right, @Rubble flightsim, avsim and loads of other flightsim web sites have downloads for the planes to play in FSX, actually I remember myself downloading one of them when I was playing FSX… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have activated the European MOD, but it do not seem that I do get any kind of airline contracts or other contracts…

I got Construction and Fuel contracts but not real airline contracts as the mod should do…

I only get contracts with the default companies not the modded ones…


Ladies and Gentelment, I can announce that 162 brand new various types of restaurants are added to the ACEOMM. Have fun :slight_smile:


How can we update?



@airway88 Click “Renegerate contracts” button on F10 menu.



Beautiul. I replied your message :+1: