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Does anyone have problem with GA flights while using ACEOMM and disabled default companies? I heard some people had issues but I don’t see any problem.


sometimes i get some dhc6s with maple livery or strip air as a GA


It happens when you enable default companies while using mods.


The default companies are disabled :sweat_smile:


I have been trying to get this to work all week, but i cannot get the airlines, and most of the other contacts to work.Capture and what dose this mean? it stops me from installing mods, and the liveries for the airplanes seem non existent.


Captaincat try this:


Update some shops and Food Franchises with more Products


Nice. Unfortunalety foos and shop products will be revised by developers in future so we prefer to hold it at the moment. But we can still add new business. Just post them under here with format :slight_smile:


i followed the instruction from the airport ceo video… i managed to do it untill i pressed acome.exe and it became like this… can anyone help me


Check this out: @reezkamarul


Mm, it seems it could not find the path where your game is installed.


Does anyone have problem with GA flights while using ACEOMM and disabled default companies? I heard some people had issues but I don’t see any problem.

I have this problem. If you turn off use default then you are turning off GA capability by association. From what I have seen, there isn’t a “GA” folder in the ACEOMM mods.

When I turn default off, I always copy and paste the default “GA” folder that the game uses and paste it into my modded folders.


There is a GA folder. Its under Global :slight_smile:


Ah I see. I only ever install the North America mod folder so perhaps that’s why I always miss it.


Is it normal to have to download all the image files first, and several get download errors?

If I try to just click “install mod” I get “unable to access” errors on random pngs or whatever within the mod itself it’s trying to move/access. Game is on a secondary SSD but within steam folders there – the ACOMM install files are there as well unzipped.

The access is denied seems to halt the install process; admin mode doesn’t help. I’m on Windows but it will simply read cannot access the png/etc here access is denied.

Tried the image posted just a few above too. Also if I delete the region folder and try again it stops in exact same place. Just making sure I’m not stupid before I try to manually download the regions I want and move them myself?



P.P.S – I’ve now triple checked that I’ve moved the newest exe and liveries and all that. Updated… saved… region… install always hangs in exact same spot for reach region. Global stops on British Airways.

P.P.P.S – Seems to be trying to proceed in alphabetical order until it hangs. If I remove the business/etc in question it will hang on the next one in order down the list.

//found that manually moving the files from their .zips moves them over to the game files fine. Not sure what is causing error but will try to break it more. :+1:t2:


@pderuiter your thoughs?


It seems the program has no access rights to the destination files. Try executing aceomm as administrator. :slight_smile:


where should i place the ACEOMM folder? Because when i open it and the click on the ACEOMM aplication it says " Could not find a part of the path ’ C:/Users/Asus/Desktop/ACEOMM/Instal/AirportCEO_Data/DataFiles/Companies/use_default.txt/’.


Well you can place it anywhere. but it seems unable to find the aceo install folder