Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


wow, cool airport layout!


Did you copy the jpg? Because is havent sent it to Aceomm. Anyway look good indeed :blush:


Yeah, I took the .jpg you uploaded it and then used pixlr to turn it into a .png. It worked great!

Thanks. Its in a massive overhaul right now; airport is closed and I’m completely redoing my baggage system.


Do create a new topic with some screenshots, would love to see more


Hey, sorry i’ve been pretty swamped :slight_smile:

So you have the latest (as in downloaded after April 11.) ACEOMM? Did you also get the new DataStore.Xml?

I made some changes that means the old data is incompatible.
If you did and you pressed the update button, It should have relinked the images to the businesses.

Can you give a screenshot of one of the installed airlines that has liveries? Also open the json files for me and screenshot those, so i can check if anything is amiss there.


Yes i did all of the steps that you have posted… i’ve downloaded the new aceomm with the new datastore.xml (i’ve replaced the old one with this one) then i’ve pressed the update button and re-installed the Europe Mod (maube thats what i did wrong). So you want the picture of the airline inside the game or inside Aceomm?


Inalside the game folder. So what aceomm installed there


I dont know what I did but now I can install the mods xD usign the ACEOMM.exe inside the ,zip not the other alone in the main folder


Alright i’ll do it later since now i’m not at home



i’ve got also this problem when trying to install the mod again


Ill check it out. Your fleet is empty so no liveries in game. Your logo is also not in the json. You can manually correct it in aceomm. I will check where the code went wrong


I’m gonna delete Aceomm with all the mods and re-install everything again… hope it will fix the problem


I’m checking all the airlines that I want into my mod and I saw the same problem like the other time, duplicated airlines one empty and one with logo and fleet, for example TUI UK - TUIFLY UK (first empty and second with all) and SAS Scandinavian - Scandinavian (first empty an second with all), Easyjet is not showing the logo at ACEO game folder also.


It wont. The problem is for the new version of aceomm to work i have to link all assets back together. Images, liveries, etc. Uninstalling wont solve it. I’ll start manually linking everything andbupload a new datastore.xml with everything intact again.

But not now


I’ve re-installed everything but i’ve got the same problem and the funny thing is that the error says “cannot access the file…” but then the bank is there. It seems like the program cannot use the file because the same program is using it. It does that with all the mods


Use the EXE inside the zip, that resolved this problem to me


I’ll try thanks!


lol didnt know that was possible but have fun with it :slight_smile:


Ask and ye shall receive:



Had some spare time so there is a new version of ACEOMM.exe and the Datastore.xml.
(Both on dropbox and the GDrive)


  • Manually linked images and liveries (Hence the DataStore.xml download)
  • The ‘Cannot access…’ error should be resolved
  • B757200 liveries should now be installed