Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


Any idea as to why this has started happening when I click the ‘update’ button?

…and when I click OK


Do you use the latest version of ACEOMM?




Ladies and Gentelment, ACEOMM project will be terminated on 10.02.2019. It was a great journey but due to lack of human power and lack of administratin of project, I gave this decision.


Pulling the plug so easily seems like a bad decision.


Agreed :frowning:


Maybe not terminate it right now, since large planes are coming interest in mods will grow… So please don’t there’s still much coming! Don’t give up!! :disappointed::pensive:


An update on the status of ACEOMM:

hey there, i’m @Guusje2, and i’m currently working out with @EG0611 how to continue the ACEOMM program.

Due to the absence of @pderuiter, I am currently working on a completely new ACEOMM program, although that program will only be used for creating the mod to upload to the steam workshop. We are doing this because Patrick didn’t submit all of his code to Github, and thus we can’t make any new versions of the old program. You can find this code on Github

Furthermore, EG would like to step down from his manager role, and since i don’t have enough time to be the ACEOMM manager either, we are looking for a new Manager. If you feel that you can help us, feel free to send one of us a message either her on the forums or discord…

We are also still looking for people wanting to submit their liveries to the project, but EG and/or the new manager will need to make an announcement on how to submit new liveries



Hoping someone steps up. I’m a little busy to do so I’m afraid, but fresh off of the Wellington Tarmac, the Air Nelson Q400. I know strictly they run the Q300 but I don’t mind the slight deviation.