Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 1)


@Olof and @Fredrik I really must say I am PLEASED with how the video came out!! I skimmed it at work, and just got to watch the whole thing just now, and my gosh, it’s amazing!! It’s interesting you say this is Alpha, when it looks like it could release already!! I LOVE the video, and can’t wait to see more!! I do know however, that there are more details y’all wish to work on, but I want to point out that the vehicles making a U-turn kinda wanna go left then right then back to the left, it’s awkward. I know y’all will fix that right up, XD

All in all, can’t wait to see the next video! Any hints as to how long it will be before the next one releases? :smiley: SO EXCITED! Like I said, TAKE MY MONEY I INSIST!


Just want to say very well done! :blush:


It looks spectacular, I was going to ask though, is the text size changeable? Or does it just appear small in the video? :slight_smile: REALLY GOOD WORK GUYS!


Guys, can i congratulate you on a job very well done??
The video and the game look very good.
Of course there are a lot of things that i’m sure you will improve, but in this state it’s at least on par with other successful early access titles


Please, pretty please, take my money. Great Job :smile:



Epic video, really love It


Hey devs, are you kidding me? …. I’m freaking out!! !:heart_eyes: I’ve never seen a pre-alpha that are that far. It’s looks amazing :ok_hand: There are sooooooooo many details I can’t believe. YOU did a great job :grinning:

And now you are guilty, because I can’t wait any longer, to get one copy of those :scream:

THX @Olof and @Fredrik, that’s amazing… you made it :slight_smile: … by the way… any timeline for Part 2 ? :wink:


Rimworld and Prison Architect were in this state when first released. And you are way ahead of Simairport. Which already has mostly positive reviews (though they are probably fake).

Two things you should think about.


this game is ready for release, really. Release date still Q1 2017?


I disagree. It’s looking very good for an alpha, but there needs to be a lot of polish and there are still a few (imo) critical things missing.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They are doing a very good job, but the job is by no means finished :slight_smile:


I think he meant release of pre-alpha build.

We all know that it isn’t ready for final release.

Olof and Fredrik, please change the vehicle movements, they are very unrealistic.


Yeah, i meant that.


Just take my money already guys, that looks brilliant. Being a little serious, some things I would like to point out.

-Yup, the vehicle movements need to be polished out, but since they do work, i would leave that as a secundary thing to do.

-Is there a way to make a single queue to various check-in desks/security controls?

-Maybe something that looks like a window for the walls? It looks to enclosed for what airports use to be.

-Are there any fences to sorround the airport?

-Are high speed runway exits implemented? That is something that most airports have today.

Other than that I find it pretty much done in the building aspect, and the management part of it seems top. Keep up the good work guys, the hype train is now going flat out.


Omg can’t wait for this to get released this looks absolutely stunning the graphics the gameplay. Well done guys in not rushing to make this game. You have made what look to me a solid built game. You say alpha I say more like beta/early access.

Well done though I have been glued to your dev updates every week watching and waiting to see what you will add or update next every weeks like Christmas.

Just hoping for a early acces release date so we can start to help fund yous as you deserve to get paid for all your hard work you have done all before even getting a penny.

Keep up the good works guys fingers and toes crossed for a early access release date.


The rest will answered by devs but high speed exits aren’t implemented.
@Olof @Fredrik I am gonna tag u once as I am about to list some improvements from my side. Just go through them.


And Fredrik and olof, I also noticed a slight delay in the construction workers’ pathfinding.
Some workers were moving to make the staff room, and were following a definite path, suddenly a wall is built by another worker, they stop for 2-3s and then find a new path. It means that pathfinding needs some optimization as when the airport grows big, it’ll be hard for the passengers to keep stoping and then finding a new path.


Don’t forget planning tools. It takes me an hour planning everything when I start playing a new PA or Rim game.

And yes, this is fun for me (and I am sure many other planning freaks out there).


And we had a unisex bathroom in ACEO??. It’s OK for now. But you both definitely need to segregate the bathroom and their objects for males and females.
I also saw that the runway crossing ( U built two runways) doesn’t have continued taxi markings. Should have been like this


I’m not very sure what the critical things are that are missing, and I’ve had a good think about it, so what would you say is missing? The only obvious thing to me is the arrivals infrastructure (most notably the baggage carousels) but there are pictures of these existing in earlier builds (look back at DevLog 47) which leads me to think that it may be an omission from the video rather than from the game, but we’ll see what happens in the next few vids.

I’d agree that there’s some polish needed. The movements of the long vehicles are not great, and there is a lack of collision detection between them. Assigning gender to the employees might be another nice thing to have - some of the employees have female names but a female appearance or vice versa. It would be essentially just one extra modifier on the employee data card. What what I’ve seen, the info is provided in the passenger passports so it could be a relatively simple (albeit onerous) job of matching names to a specific gender (or indeed both for unisex names). The unisex bathrooms are acceptable in that there are individual cubicles (although a unisex bathroom wouldn’t have urinals). This is becoming more common in real life. Devlog 26 stated that gender segregated restrooms are possible, though, and presumably reasonably simple to implement given that the passengers will have a gender identifier.

In spite of all this… I’d still say that plenty of games nowadays release in a much worse state than what you demonstrated to us last night. I think it would be successful in EA at present, although I maintain that the developers should absolutely hold off until they’re happy with the game.