Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 1)


For a reference:

  • Skyrim took about 4 years with a massive team
  • Prison Architect was developed (initially) by 2 guys. Took them a year to get to Alpha and another 3 years before it was officially released


Uhh… Are the ingame prices similar to real prices??. Like it takes $1-5 billions for medium sized airport in real life. And 10-40 billions for international ones. Will the prices be the same in the game??

I don’t know if it’ll help. My heart says to have them according to real world, but mind says that we it’ll become an accounting headache for us.


Would be nice, so long we don’t speak about the new Germany BER Airport :joy:


lol what’s the status on a Berlin airport? I kinda forgot which one is supposedly being built.


The CEO was fiered… And the old technical Consultant is Back in business :joy:
The new Plan… Airport will be open next year.:see_no_evil::joy:
After 5 Billion and a couple more

Thats ridiculous


And I tought that things like these only happen in Belgium :joy:


And if you didn’t, you should have seen PA Alpha 1… it was in a worse state than even this pre-alpha demo was. It was absolutely basic. They kept adding 2-3 things (more or less) each Alpha. Every month was a new adventure. :slight_smile:


I’m one of the “real” inhabitants, so I’m in andra ring samhäll-samhäll(second year of upper secondary school, social studies). But my hometown patriotism is flourishing of the thought that the next PA is being developed here :wink:


When comes the part number 2.


I only saw one busload of workers, and it was at the beginning. Is there a way to have more come?
Ok, I am a complainer. TAKE MY MONEY NOW!:cry: I need to see ACEO! :sob::sob::angry:


Nope… There were two busload of workers :grin:.

I guess, we can call more with accepting more contract from contractor screen.


Hmm, did not see the second. I guess I missed it when I was getting my popcorn. :slight_smile:


I’ve watched the video a few times, and the game looks great and promising.

However I’ve got some questions and reflections, mostly with game mechanism:

  • I watched the menus, but I didn’t see any fence, or wall to secure the airport. Is it possible to fence it around (here in Europe it is quite common, to keep trespassers away)?
  • The avatars does not fit the menu. The grey suit one for example almost completely blends into the main menu.
  • Will the government related services (eg.: fire department) be under the players controll, or is it computer controlled? I saw there are accidents on higher difficulties, I am also interested how do they work.
  • Does the location affect the traffic of the airport?

Thank you,



As it’s been mentioned, yes, there will be. The sprite is completed, we just need to implement a fence building system (basically copy-paste the wall building system) so that’s probably something like a few hours work. Definitely something to be implemented soon!

Last two questions may get answered in the part 2 video which will be focused on managing the airport.

Edit: I may have the answer for 4th question: as of now no… cause the current location is being spawned randomly on the continent, so it’s not under players control. U may spawn in a desert, river, city center, jungle, ocean, anywhere. So it’s impractical that they will affect traffic.


Nah, we don’t, that’s up to the player. We’ll add the option to designate a bathroom for only females, males or anyone. In Sweden it’s quite common with unisex bathrooms.

When we have time! Hopefully it’s not too far away! :slight_smile:

All very true points, on boarding someone as of now would keep us back so we’re steaming ahead on our own! :slight_smile:

Not really sure what you mean here, they can’t take on jobs to soon as the jobs are created the instance something is placed. If there’s no material available, they don’t take the job, if they can’t reach the location, they don’t take the job. Is there a particular time in the video?


Hello Airport CEO,

after being addicted to a Pre-Alpha Game play video :laughing: i have a few questions, i Try to keep them as constructive and in 1 message to not interrupt you to much in your awesome work.

  1. When building i didn’t saw any pricing (how much does it cost), is this still in development or did i watch at the wrong location?

  2. {08:56} there was a section [Airport Handymen] my guess is that these are under contract of the Airport CEO instead of the contractors but will these handymen have the same capability’s or are there duty’s that can only be performed by 1 of those types?

  3. {11:17} when placing the crosswalks and sidewalks i was thinking. the path-finding of the peeps will it account for basic knowledge safe travel? so although a longer path choosing the crosswalk over directly crossing the road, the same for cars will these stop if people traverse over the crosswalk?

  4. {013:37} you where placing the [Security Station] i know there is already a different forum discussing this but allot of airports have 2 baggage scanners to 1 body scanner. if full modular points are out of the question is it possible to at-least support this kind of combining (mirror 1 stand and it snaps the body scanners to 1)?

  5. {19:52} when placing the [Boarding Desk] it automatically created the door for the [airplane stand]. what will happen if you want 2 [boarding desks] or like with the bigger airports that there is a small splitting corridor (to not merge the out-coming peeps with the incoming) since with those corridors i saw sometime’s that the [boarding desk] is angled in correlation to the [airplane stand].

  6. {22:08} is the different tarmac colour of the [medium stand] just a glitch or is the tarmac paintable? also on a small request note i saw in earlier development unpaved stands is that still possible?

  7. {26:42} when the taxiway was underway for completion the markings became more visible, will all markings be based on real life or will there be a bit of a compromise to make it efficient for the building mechanics, same for the lights of the taxiways. nice tutorial Here if not automatic will this be build-able as build-props (for the visual perfections)

  8. {27:55} i noticed that its also possible to place single lane roads, will this be automatic 1-way roads?

  9. {33:39} when placing the [baggage scanners] i didn’t saw a mirror function but will it be possible to change the direction of the split-belt? also on a side-note (for the next video possibly) what will happen to the baggage that has been filtered as unsafe?

added after a edit:
10. will it be possible to have multiple input line’s for traffic (Road) at the same time. allot of airports in my country (Netherlands) are quite small and have roads around them so you can take the exit to the freight terminal or the passenger terminal (or millitary) without “entering” the perimeter of the airport.

on basis of 10 i think my first try will be based around the one that i like of the small airports (commercial) in our country Maastricht Aachen Airport. also because i think game-wise the airport that i use allot (Dusseldorf) is to big as of yet.
or if in the future you can choose a year of starting i think i do the growth of schiphol

Allot of questions but i hope that you can find some time to answer these.


While we are at it with timemarks on the video:

04:29 In the Mayor`s letter it should say Fee and not Feen.

10:42 The employees Airport Badge shows he was born in 2007. Isn`t that a tad young to be working in construction? :slight_smile:


What i feel that we will need some more customisation in security system. Just see PA… remote doors, logical circuits, CCTV, metal detectors, pressure plates, etc. This is makes building fun. All these were introduced slowly, one by one… So it should also be introduced here slowly, one by one.

Devs will need to think about it later.

BTW, i saw PA Alpha 1 gameplay… ACEO is on the right track.:smiley:


I can answer some :wink: At 19.26 you can see that for small stand there is three options which looks like grass, asphalt and concrete. The medium stand has asphalt and concrete. The cost and upkeep is also shown.


:astonished: didn’t look wel enough. possibly because i don’t pauze the video with every buttonpress and they don’t stay above the buttons very long