Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 1)


I’m quite sure that - even after seeing that great video and how fine everything worked there - there will be a huge amount of bugs that will be discovered after they provide the game to others.

In the video the people who created that software showed us how to use the software. And of course they know how they intended others to use the software and just use these pathways. Of course everything looks well in this case.


will we be able to have more than one contractor company onsite ?


Too soon as in they took on the job almost immediately with a crate that was already there :slight_smile:
In my mind a crate is brought by truck for a specific job. Seeing someone pick up a crate that was already there to do a job you just created… eels wrong to me :slight_smile:

Edit: So no, i don’t expect them to discuss anything, i expect them to respect that a crate was brought in for a specific job


Lol… U expect them to form a circle and discuss plans and duties?? I think that’ll be a waste of time. As we have the plans ready for them.:joy:


sigh… no, i expect them to have a crate per job, and not use a crate that was brought in for another job…


The crater system was created a few days before the video and was more added as a proof of concept. If we are gonna go into all those small details before we even hit pre-alpha, well then we are never going to get it out. :slight_smile: Also if we are going to satisfy every single player, it would be impossible to make the game.


Oh i agree, i just commented on what i noticed :slight_smile:


Of course, there’s always bugs, and the rule is that the more software you have the more bugs you have. However, there’s different kinds of bugs. Bugs that cause a layer issue when constructing something is an “OK” bug to have, or a bug resulting in all passengers from flight NAS234 being between 10 and 15 years old is an “OK” bug, but something that crashes the game after just a few minutes is not an OK bug. Those are the one (if there are any, haven’t noticed it yet) that we really don’t want to ship.


Key point here in this conversation and I think the devs nailed it on the head is about the reality vs game considerations. Lots of suggestions that are great but just aren’t reasonable for playing a game. The idea about making contractors go through security is a good example. While in real life this is true, its not as fun to “play” with. This die hard type suggestions are well received but don’t appeal to the large masses and could actually deter many non die hard airport fanatics from playing the game. I think we should all just keep that in mind when creating expectations.The game looks great and the devs clearly have great airport knowledge and a strong vision for the game. Keep up the great work!


Regarding contractors using screening -

  1. Staff usually have a separate queue for security anyway. If that was implemented surely the contractors would make use of it rather than queuing with the plebs.
  2. If you were to activate this, would there be a way of “deactivating” the secure zone until it is in use to minimise the need to screen the contractors dozens of times a day? (Then again, you could just not zone the area until it is built which is probably easier).


This! Love the excitement and ideas (lots of which would be great to have in the game! ) but your spot on I think about what defs focus should be (and is)

The video was far far better than I expected. It felt like I was looking at a finished game sometimes even though it’s of course not! Hope you guys are hugely proud of what you’ve achieved while still having functioning adult lives :slight_smile: . Hope you manage to get it out to Pre alpha before the greenlight charges start because it’s guys like you the system was made for!

Frankly typos or small things like minor quirks in taxiway marking are small fry at the moment. When the pre alpha is out it’s the sort of thing we as a community can help out with by sticking on a designated thread to help polish the game. For now, reckon a lot is about value added, and ease of implementing when it comes to most useful ideas!

Really interesting seeing the different priorities people have though. Was thinking of making a top 5 wish list thread for what you want to see next, but maybe better to wait for all vids?
For me, I think

  1. nailing the airside cycle is probably the number one thing I’d want to see to bring the airport to life

  2. one off/ more casual landing bookings to simulate GA (easy to implement and obviously not quite how GA works but opens up an early game experience, living day by day, each flight has meaning and you spend more time micromanaging)

  3. Then remote stands (bigger job but I think really important!)

  4. Then taking a step back and working out how to make it so you start with a very basic airstrip and can experience growing it to an advanced efficient airport

  5. immigration (quick) or freight (huge but exciting!)

Ramble over, best of luck with the coding!


take your time to you. Q1 does not matter to us really. let the game become clear, and that we will fly away: D


Bathroom would be a really big concern in real world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just discovered Airport CEO the other day and I’m very excited . It looks like the game I was looking for during the last years and sometimes wondered if I should try to make it happen myself, but I don’t have the time. I’m looking forward to see more of it and to a chance to play it myself or to support you.


I don’t know but I have’t seen the baggage claim. Have you just frogot to build it or isn’t it yet in game?


I asked this in Discord, here’s the answer! :slight_smile:


Nice work devs looking forward to more footage :smile:


Instead of a structured item, it could be more of a dynamic item, ie people who have access to a belt will attempt to take stuff off the belt if they want the item.
Therefore you can build a baggage carousel out of the normal conveyor belt in whatever fancy shape you desire, and if it’s just within an open space inside a terminal building the passengers will go up to it and steal other peop- I mean take their own bags off of it. Then you just need a condition within the sorting conveyor block that detects whether the bag came from a certain flight and offloads it to the correct baggage belt.


Either that, or make a region ‘baggage claim’, to make it clear to the system what parts of the conveyor belt should be accessible to passengers


Sounds like something that would come about with modular immigration. In the UK (and probably most countries?) you pass through immigration, then collect your bags, then you go through customs. If that was implemented in the passenger life cycle then it would be a straight forward flow (albeit quite a bit of work to implement I reckon).