Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 3)


Wrote down a few thoughts, overall, a great video.

  1. Just curious - is there ground staff that helps guide the plane to the gate, in an out? I didn’t see them, but that would be a really, cool detail feature.

  2. For an airport with multiple runways, I’ve heard that you can assign landing runways and takeoff runways. Perhaps we can assign runways by plane type? It would be cool to give GA aircraft their own runways and commercial/freight their own runway, or GA/Freight, commercial, or any combination.

  3. I noticed that pushback ends a few feet from the gate. In the real world, mostly pushback also involves pushing back the aircraft left or right, towards the direction the aircraft needs to go to to get to their assigned runway. Could this be possible?

  4. Any chance it could be possible to allow airlines to assign their own times for takeoff? Sometimes it may get tedious to assign each aircraft a time after signing a contract, or perhaps if we let airlines assign times to their aircraft we get a bonus, sort of like a contract clause, or maybe we just don’t want to handle it(or we could hire staff to manage it???)

I’ll update more as I keep watching the videos.

MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!

I love how the passengers queue, especially the way they form unstructured queues!


U got many subs on YouTube!


Video looks great! I can defiantly see optimizing everything being a challenge.

Will airlines require certain flights at certain times of day as per the contract or certain days of the week? This would add a level of complexity in scheduling.

A couple things I can see needing minor adjustments.

The clipping of the people and vehicles bugged me.

I’m not sure the baggage was that there was not enough ramp attendants or vehicles, but I felt this needed some tweaking, for the last flight why was only one vehicle used to load and unload? Ideally luggage should already be at the gate ready to load, as well as using multiple vehicles to make this more efficient.

Also the flight coming from Africa only needed 24% fuel when the plane should of been on empty.

The jet bridge should come from a second floor while walk out gates are on ground level, since the game doesn’t support multiple floors nothing you can really do about this.


Seeing that notification made my day! Thanks!


Looks great! Looking forward to play this game! :slight_smile:


Your Swedish too, like me, and them.


Looks awesome!!! keep up the great work!!!


Not everywhere in NA use single digit, Canada uses the prefix 0 for single digit. Here is the layout for YYZ. (Toronto, Pearson International). Canada’s largest airport.



The devs have a 100% rate of releasing videos when I can’t watch them :rofl: can’t wait though the comments above are so exciting!


Very fancy, looks like it needs a bit of polish before a release can be made. Though I have a few nitpicks.

With regard to the fuel trucks, they seem to get a bit too close to the aircraft and i’m almost certain they wouldn’t fit under the wing (of a C208), and also would not want to try and fit under the wing of an aircraft, given that wings can be flappy, alongside this it is often customary that the truck would face away from the aircraft as mentioned by others, but it doesn’t matter too much.
With regard to the fuel lines, they don’t seem particularly sightly and if it were possible to model a guy moving around with a hose (Car fuel pump style for 100LL and a proper pump thing for Jet A1 for example) in my opinion it would make it look much more professional.

I’m sure it’d be clearer firsthand, but it’s not quite clear what the rows in the planner are actually for. Are they for stands, or runway booking, or is it fairly arbitrary as long as you can fit them all in. Also, do the more picky airlines designate you times within which you have to schedule the flight? I’m sure the airline have an interest in arrival and departure times as well as the airport.

I’m sure you’re aware of the text overlap in the vehicle depot alongside the passenger and vehicle movement being clunky (I’m looking at you Mr 6 car baggage train flicking everything around everywhere) which myself and others have happily pointed out several times. Very specifically the first aircraft to arrive stopped on the runway, on exit of the runway, before turning into the stand and then after pushback (where it wasn’t pointing in a useful direction after pushback either) which seems a bit odd especially when the aircraft don’t accelerate, just stop. I won’t mention the other aircraft passing through it too loudly, nor the jetway not lining up ;).

With staff changes, like the security centre change, I would imagine that the staff don’t all just walk off at once leaving the checkpoint completely open. It might be an idea to start the changeover slightly before it’s required. Maybe this could be a staff schedule thing. You can schedule the new staff to arrive before the old staff such that there is an overlap. If all the security guards disappear maybe people just decide to walk straight through if nobody is there to stop them.

The dynamic queues still seem very structured. In real life if a large number of people are queuing for something they would all queue in the same direction and near the beginning it’d be very structured, it’d then get wider and wider in a sort of conic shape rather than the spiderweb seen in the video. Depending on how desperate the people are or the shape of the waiting area that cone gets tighter or wider. Think of people queuing at the door of a train, they don’t all go backwards in straight lines that diverge from each other, people are fairly clumped together near the doors all trying to reach the same position first but there’s always one person that’s at the front.

Will we be able to filter baggage by flight, and therefore make separate baggage belts per flight?


OK, managed to be not busy enough at work to watch. :grin: Feedback - mostly positive, but please be assured that the negatives here are all intended constructively.


I love the map. I’m really pleased that I’ll get to plonk an airport anywhere. Clwyd International shall be opening its doors soon!
I like the contract overview panel and construction panel.
The passenger lifecycle looks great. On the whole, very realistic
The airbridge moving sound is brilliant, and a nice little detail. Don’t worry - BAe 146s do park with jetways (I’ve done it plenty of times), so it’s perfectly realistic (although the airbridge is rather steep!)
The BAe sounds fantastic, and the planes look brilliant
I love the dynamic queue!


It would be nice to have some collision detection between objects - the planes hit quite a few of the service vehicles (obviously not a priority before release).
Islay to Sweden is a very limited market :rofl: But it’s a lovely Isle that more people should visit. Great to see that there’s going to be lots of airports in the game. You seemed to have some very obscure routes though - is it worth weighting the bigger airports to give
(BTW - Islay is pronounced like “Aisle-AH” - although I’m only monolingual so perhaps I shouldn’t criticise!).
The departing passengers seemed to be flying FROM Islay TO Lund according to their boarding cards, is that the wrong way around?
I like the contract process, but it would be nice to see the destination(s) before you sign the contract if possible. I’d like to build a route network from my airport.
Mehmet Yilazh looks very healthy considering he weighs 172kg! He’ll definitely need two seats on the plane.
I would like to assign the gates myself - maybe I’m just a control freak, but that could be a nice option to have further down the line?
Would be more realistic for passengers to linger at the reclaim rather than go back to departures (unless of course they want/need to use a facility).
Should the passengers be queueing across the Zebra crossing?
The movement of the baggage cart could be a lot smoother.

I hope this hasn’t appeared too negative. I’m aware that the suggestions appear to be very lengthy compared to the positives. So let me say this -


There’s things to do, granted, but clearly the game really isn’t far off a public release. You guys should be really proud of what you have achieved - two new developers have created a brilliant looking game that rivals professionally produced final releases, independently and in their free time. I can give you loads of feedback and suggestions for improvement/next steps, and I hope you realise that I’m not criticising you as much as giving feedback on what could be done next. Everything I’ve picked up is meant in a constructive manner. I’m thrilled with how it’s looking, and I’m really looking forward to playing.

You’ve made my day Fredrik and Olof - thank you and I can’t wait to give you my money!


You can be proud of the work you two achieved!

Still some bugs, but overall its really good!
Looking forward to try it out.


You guys were panicked when that plane stopped in the taxi way😂


The jet bridge should come from a second floor while walk out gates are on ground level, since the game doesn’t support multiple floors nothing you can really do about this.

I just realized this :smiley:


haha yea, we were discussing off camera if we should abort but since Olof was leaving for a one week vacation in the US we did not get really get a second chance. The real annoying fact is that I spent hours testing this and it worked 100%. Then during the recording something triggered this bug. So this needs to be investigated again.

Yes, agree, this will be worked on.

Yes, it goes underground and then come back. They are in a circle but half of the circle is underground.[quote=“Thorozar, post:11, topic:1898”]
Is there plans to scale the baggage trucks better so that they don’t bring 6 cars when 3 will do?

Yes, this is a known incorrect calculation of the required baggage carts.


Such an unexpected video drop, I love it! :stuck_out_tongue: It was a real pleasure to see the full turnaround process. The progress that you guys made is just spectacular! The game looks, with some additional polishing, ready for early access! :wink:

There’s just one thing concerning me: the scale of the game. I think that passengers (and related stuff) should be smaller, otherwise issues might pop-up when the game and airplanes get bigger. Mainly the
proportion between passengers and airplanes is a bit strange in my opinion…


The video is really nice and interesting, The flow of the airport is really nice to look at! There are some things that are room for improvement especially the loading of baggage to the airplane, Hope to see it perfectly/excellent :slight_smile:
I have a question, Is their baggage information like who owns the baggage and etc? I hope airlines give a minimum and maximum weight of baggage per passenger.


Awesome video can’t wait for the game. Quick question re the contracts for airlines. I noticed that they expired after a few days and if not completed, bad reputation etc. Will permenant or long term contracts exist or be implemented with airlines?


Just give me the game now haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic work guys! This is a must have for me (with Sea of Thieves). Don’t rush it!

Suggestion: On 10:10 in the video, you are following some people. You see their ticket with information. Is it an option to give it a standard place on the screen (for example: on the right side of the screen), so it won’t move with the passenger? I was reading the information on it but it was moving the whole time.