Airport CEO Social Media Feed


Let’s try to stay on topic, please. :slight_smile:





I’ve just had a look at the SteamDB page, and found the metacritic page for Airport CEO :smile:

Nothing much to see yet, but I’ll be keeping my on this with my fingers crossed for the devs!


You know good old bleach meme. :blush:



Not on in 36 hours, 10 unread and 14 new?? :grinning: This game is getting popular!


Looks like some youtubers might be getting the game early or at least soon!


I’d be disappointed if they get it first. We the PAYING (or willing to pay upon release)for the game. We deserve it at same time. Plus the devs said there would not be any early releases.


If the developers decide to give press copies or not is a business decision. Please get this discussion back on track


I have no problem with YouTubers and other influencers getting the game early. It’s a solid marketing strategy and if you’re confident and n your game you have nothing to loose!


If it’s a day before okay. If it’s week(s) before not so much


I would reccommend getting a pc, rather than a laptop (unless you really need a laptop, then by all means, go for it) because some can be very easy to upgrade, like the ibuypower brand ones. Thats what i did, i bought a pc that was slightly under $600 and that worked pretty well for most games for a few years( ihad to purchase a better power supply, but that was fairly cheap.) . Then cities skylines came out, and it felt a bit choppy, ao i upgraded my ram to 16gb (a bit overkill, 8 is all you need) and soon adter upgraded my graphics card from one made in 2013(a nvidia gt 610, it was old but it did its job quite well for a while, actually) to a gtx 1050 ti 4gb windforce (the windforce has 2 fans instead of one) which allowed me to be able to play rainbow six siege at a framerate that didnt make it seem like my computer was able to slow down time itself. Sorry for my rant, but i am very passionate about pcs over laptops, just because of the difference in how easy it is to upgrade them. I wouldve had to spend an extra $700 instead of $225


You are suggesting me that after 6 months. Cool.


I upgraded my pc instead of buying.


Nice. And, my bad, i mightve left out the date that you posted that when i commented. Its good for other people to see too tho.




Yeah! Sign of life. Keep up the good work.


I think the reason of why there are no passengers is that when you zoom-out, game automatically reduces the details including passengers. That’s why also airport seems undetailed.

@Fredrik @Olof my theory is correct?


Streets going through the Terminal? Satellite? Bridge? Underground way? Wooot?


Looks like service roads to me. Seeing the lack of fuel trucks you’d expect to see, i’d say someone forgot to put down enkugh service roads or something. I know that for baggage handling you do put roads in the building