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You can see passengers on the right hand of the service road checking in. It looks like this airport was built in sandbox and the planes were scheduled to come in all at once hence the empty terminal at the gates.


I guess this game will come someday! I just like how the complex layouts you can make in this new game once it releases! :smiley:


The screen shot is from alpha v0.18.2 which has a few critical security checkpoint bugs which resulted in passengers not being able to pass through (these have most likely been solved by now). However, we thought that the aircraft lining up like that was cool enough to post anyway.


It’s nice to see designs from other people as well, cos no doubt the developers have a specific way of building and designing their terminals. So the new perspectives are nice for sure!


Wow! Does this shows that we can make satellite concourses already from the release or is this setup not functional in this way? @Olof


It looks functional and the developers said it should be possible


I still have questions but I know that I can get the answer by only playing with it.

Ohh well… :frowning:


My understanding is, that you can currently only build service road through a terminal. So you can build piers where the vehicles does not have to drive all around, but airplanes have to travel all around. So yes, bigger terminals with piers should be possible, but not real satellites.


So @Flix you mean that there are terminal doors across service road and passenger pass through them?


I am not going to want to see pax roaming across service roads. Until tram, train, or underground tunnels get people to remote terminals i will not bud it.


Well, not exactly, but you can imagine them. When you look at the screen, you will see, that the road goes through the terminal, something you would - of cause - never see in RL, at least in the public areas. But at the moment it is a nice way to build more complex terminal structures while maintaining a good accessibility for service vehicles to all apron spaces. However like you can see, that does not mean you can build a separate building where the passenger walk between, after they went through the security check. It wouldn’t be realistic either, because you never “roaming” around the apron.

Like @Thorozar said: It is NOT realistic. But I think it is the nearest we can get with the first build which will be released. Of cause this can only be a temporary solution till we get multi floor, tunnels or other ways to intersect passenger, vehicle and airplane movement.


I still think the service road was for some kind of test (pathing perhaps?). Multi building is already shown with having the top and bottom separate building.


Yes, it’s very much supported, especially after today as we made some major changes to how persons interact with multiple security zones (a lot better tech under the hood).

Regarding service roads they can be built indoors to facilitate indoor baggage handling and persons will walk across them if built indoors.


Speaking of multi concourse airports… ! :slight_smile:


Gotta say, not a fan of the contrast between the tarmac and the grass, seems far too sharp and maybe the grass should be a bit greener. Not sure, but it seems a little bit off. Maybe there need to be a few more colour variations in all the textures overall.


yeah I agree, although graphics is gonna be easy once they employ a graphics designer :stuck_out_tongue: . Think what makes it really weird is the taxiway. Texture is a bit aggressive and they seem too narrow for rest of the world, but that’s why its EA!


I think it’s because the whole airport is dark.
But you can choose different colors.


I’d just like to point out, the amount of hashtags suddenly decreases. Interesting.


The taxiways can be as wide or as narrow as you want them/ My understanding is you draw the taxiway or apron with a width you decide, then place the taxiway routes on them. So in this case, it’s a design flaw, not a game flaw.


Looks like the taxiways are as wide as the medium stand