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No collision detection, requires either a lot of physics or some very smart solutions. Instead we try to prevent the collision from happening in the first place but we cannot help if the design is not good, then wings may clip.


what about plane collision detection so they don’t go through each other on the taxiways?


No need for actual collision detection, just check if a point (node) is in use


Talking about taxiways? I got a thread for you :wink:


Who wants to see another test airport?

A small terminal in a rather barren landscape, but it does seem a busy place.


Looks like only used end of runway has tire markings ? If yes then its nice detail.


If aircraft are landing and taking off in the same direction, and then all the aircraft are queuing up on the right hand side then it’s logical to assume the aircraft all landed from the right too, which is the incorrect side for the skidmarks…


That, or wind directions just rotated.



I have asked couple of questions about lack of baggage and the devs have confirmed that they disabled it until they have rewritten a tutorial due to some confusion over it use. I suppose that it is like when someone else reads your work and what seems clear to you isnt quiet clear enough!


I’m no fan of this picture the devs just uploaded. The lighting of the stands is all wrong, its more like an UFO is gonna beam up one of those planes, then that it is lighted coming from the lampposts.


Lighting is a bit odd in the unity game engine as very processor heavy but is something that can be worked on.


Yes, especially real-time lightning, draw calls easily shoot to the sky as it has to be redrawn. Lightning will of course be improved over time. We try to use fake sprite lightning whenever possible.


Wut. @pderuiter is FREE beta tester? Duh. :expressionless::persevere:




@NastyGamer @Bigbigcheese what you both are talking about?


How did you come up with that one?
Edit: Never mind, don’t even want to know

I’m into modding though. Care to add some businesses? :slight_smile:


Maybe he looked at your Steam profile :laughing:.

2 přátel již vlastní tutu hru: -means: 2 friends already have this game.

Im glad that you are the tester, becouse you look like capable person. Hope testing goes well. :grinning:


To be honest, I have no idea if anyone from the forums has it for testing, but if anyone deserves to be chosen, it’s @pderuiter.

I’m not saying anything here. Of is not true then I say nothing. But if you are a tester, have fun! You deserve it.


But…that’s cities skylines. :slight_smile: