Airport CEO Social Media Feed


Yeah Im a bit dumm. :laughing:


Well then…
I guess I didn’t read it right either.
I take back everything I said (just joking)! :smile:


Ssst! otherwise I think there are new screens😂




Huh? Link not correct


My twitter links never work either


Just to clarify… definitely Thursday for the next DevLog?


Hopefully they’re delaying because the last few bug fixes are all that stand between them and a release date .





Is that a security exit on the left side of the screenshot?


Looks like a smaller version of the security checkpoint… Maybe for staff only or something?

I think the security exit was in one of the videos, was just a corridor with some walls along it.


I agree, it looks like a small security checkpoint. Which makes sense. A big checkpoint would be overkill if you have only some small stands


@olof How is the airport in the first one running? Pretty laggy?


I cant see it?


In the left most room


Ahhh I see it know that’s pretty cool that must be for staff right?


I think in this instance it’s used for staff only. Which implies that

  • either you can specify what people go through a checkpoint (staff / passengers)
  • the small checkpoint is only for staff

Personally, i think the first