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I personally think the second but if thay whant max freedom to do what you whant (which i think thay do) then the first


Maybe the devs can clarify or thay what it to be a surprise :stuck_out_tongue:


I can give you some FPS stats when I get home.

Each security checkpoint can be specified to either staff/passenger or simply both.


Oh cool thanks


I get around 30 fps normal speed at that zoom level. When speed is fast forwarded it drops to 10fps. If you have a hig end you should expect 60 normal and maybe 30 on fast forward but it is very hard to estimate. But of course we areworking on continous improvements on the performance. :slight_smile:

Should note that zoom level do play a large role now, when I am zoomed in it is alway 60fps. So we need to work a bit on the rendering part.


Yes, in general our scripts are mostly well tuned and spike-free (you can always improve). The challenge ahead is improving rendering, especially when it comes to lights.


One week left…


Yes, very exciting. 9 years ago on that date was the launch of the Falcon 1… :slight_smile:


Devs building up the hype train!!

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I guess you can’t resist adding new Minor features :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Judging by the frequency of baggage being destroyed, have you just connected it straight up to the check-in desk?

That would explain a few things at airports I’ve been at…


I have, haha. It’s fully possible to do that, although eventually someone’ll probably give you a call… :confused:


That’s the first thing I’m doing on Thursday!

I assume this is intended to be a quick way of removing baggage that won’t clear the security checks, which was previously IIRC just left circling for eternity? Of course, in my malicious hands :japanese_ogre:


Oh I am only gonna send the good baggage into the furnace. Those people live boring lives and don’t deserve their baggage! Besides, the last thing you want to do to an explosive is heat it up or crush it! Best thing to do it send it as far away as possible as quick as possible. Oh look how convenient, it’s an airport with planes!



Would be great if, when cargo is finally included, we can just send it down to the cargo bay, have some guys load those cases into the back of an unmarked van, and collect a seller’s fee. If you know what I mean.


Just make sure no one sees :wink:


And there will be a massive cargo sorting facility