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Two new tweets (one by devs)

The devs retweeted that one.



No devlog this week! All focus is on bug solving and stabilizing for Alpha 25.


I can’t believe we forgot this topic :open_mouth:


Now, as an Internet lurker with not much to do on a cold Saturday evening, I decided to work out the route of the devs. Don’t look at me like that, you guys probably do it all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what’s the route, and what’s the timings? Well, from my observation and a little bit of Googling, I believe @Olof and @Fredrik’s route is CPH - LAX - SFO (feel free to disagree with me on this, but here’s the explanation).

First of all, look at the photograph. The sky is sunny with some clouds, implying an early afternoon setting. There’s a Norwegian (I believe to be a 787), and an Emirates (I believe an A380) is seen on the right side of the frame.

Why Copenhagen though? I thought that was in Denmark, not Sweden.
You’re right, Copenhagen is indeed in Denmark; however if you factor in the devs’ workplace, it becomes much more understandable. The devs live and work in Lund (last time I checked), which is very near to Malmo in Sweden. Malmo happens to be on the other side of the Oresund strait from Copenhagen; the two cities are connected by a road bridge, the Oresund Bridge. It is very easy to drive from Lund to CPH airport - even easier than it is for me to get to Central London.
Also, note the Emirates jet. Copenhagen has flights on Emirates to Dubai.
I’ve also been to Copenhagen and from what I can remember, the airbridge design looks very similar, if not the same.
So it would be logically reasonable to assume that the devs travelled from Copenhagen.

The devs would have taken Norwegian from Copenhagen to Los Angeles, USA, on flight DY 7091.

How’d you work that out?
First, it’s important to note the presence of the Norwegian B787. Since the devs are standing in front of the gate, one could have drawn the conclusion that the devs are taking Norwegian. Assume this is true for now.
Why specifically 7091, you ask? Well, the only direct Norwegian flight to the US West Coast is to LAX - Norwegian doesn’t fly to SFO.
Also, note the sky. It appears to be early afternoon. The timestamp on the tweet says 2:28pm (UTC), which is 3:28pm Danish time. According to Google, the DY 7091 was supposed to depart at 14:10 local time, however was delayed to 16:14 (ie. a delay of 2 hours. This is correlated by the tweet itself.) Using the fact that Norwegian only flies to LAX and the delay, it would be perfectly reasonable to think that the devs are now on DY 7091.

Now, having landed at LAX, the devs would transfer onto a US carrier to transfer to SFO.

I don’t. I’m just assuming that’s how things are. Seems logical that people fly from LAX to SFO, to me at least.

Also, where can I get one of those awesome-looking hoodies? :wink:


Very accurate and very creepy! :wink: We did indeed fly on DY7091, Fredrik’s multi media screen broke down and mine crashed multiple times when I tried Norwegian’s Angry Birds copy “Tricky Treat” but other than that we had a pretty good flight!


Are you a detective? You should be! :slight_smile: Anyway, very accurate except that we are still in LA as we are not flying to San Francisco until Tuesday.


I had a bump to first class after my multi-media screen refused to work. They even reset the entire system in their attempts to getting it working. Food for future flights. Good to hear your safe and sound across the pond.


Yea, the flight was 100% full. It worked for a while but after 3 restarts there wasn’t much to do… :confused:


I know that feeling too. From Melbourne to Heathrow via Hong Kong, No Muti-media system. Not the only problems on that flight, but that’s another story…

Got me a night in Hong Kong.:smiley:

You know that one story?

Hope you’re having a fab time at GDC, been some very interesting talks, the Star Wars elevator music was wonderful. Not wishing your vacation to cut short or anything, but I do miss you being in UTC+1 time, it’s strange you being PST. Have a great time though :grinning: Looking forward to seeing the pics afterwards too :yum:


Haha, I once considered working as an intelligence analyst with the Metropolitan Police after helping @Nace888 identify a Virgin 747 a while back…but I’m not the best with data analysis, so no.


Decided to revive this thread with an Instagram story post of the devs, published a couple of hours ago! Go follow them if you haven’t already via @apoapsisstudios :smile:


This topic is very useful for people like me who doesn’t use instagram :smiley:


Indeed! And so it was already long time ago too when we used it for Twitter! :smile:


Agreed, or Twitter or FaceBorg


45 mins ago :smile:

Follow our devs on Instagram too! :grin:


Is it cartening trucks testing cause I am a bit confused


It would seem so! They come with a new building to process the food and then put it on trucks to the planes


2 story posts by the devs today! Sorry, I’m a bit late! 16 & 11 hours ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

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