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i’d rather have the game now and the 767 later :slight_smile:


They’ve got plenty of time to get it done without pushing the release date back further. Presumably they sleep for about two hours every night - that’s time they can dedicate to something more productive like the 767 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Calm down guys game is ready when it is ready and only our 2 developers can decide when it will be.

Just a reminder that there are 2 big events in front of release: Making Apoapsis Studios as a real company in Sweden and Steam Greenlight.


Haha, I have so many different numbers in my head that its indeed difficult… I think the issue is that it is “737-600” and I only remember “767”… xD


Haha I get it, 736 would be an appropriate abbreviation though! To add a little fuel to the fire


A nice screenshot has been posted on Twitter :wink:


With regard to that image, it would be nice if aircraft that didn’t need to use the full runway length were able to take off from the intersection shown, instead of queuing with the rest, of course accounting for wake turbulence separation.


Nice picture. To be honest the skylink logo seems a bit weird to me on such a small aircraft. I would consider this a GA flight and not a commercial or are there airlines that actually use Cessnas or something similar?


Whoops! I didn’t even notice that SkyLink was in the picture… I would aindeed ppoint Cessnas only to GA to avoid confusion…


It’s on a Cessna 208, smaller aircraft will also be trafficked by airlines as you start out your airport and since this is not uncommon in the real world we think it deserves a place in ACEO as well! :slight_smile:


Aww, look at the cute FedEx plane.


Damn, that looks good! Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait :grin:


Regarding the tweet. It would be better.


In a previous response the Devs stated that there is random placement of planes at stand etc but due to the random nature you can take a snapshot where they are all aligned perfectly.


The stands yes, but i’m not sure if they also have planes moving randomly around the center line.


great pic, but am I the only one to notice, there is a tree too close to the taxiway?


Yes, nobody removed it or planted it a bit too close.


We have to remove them manually?? Cause I thought, if I built taxiway/runway, surrounding area get cleaned automatically.:hugs:


Don’t worry, that plane is about to chop the top of that tree off.


If you want to we can probably automate the whole building process but then what would be the point of playing it? I think most players would want to remove their own trees, it’s at least more realistic that you’d remove it yourself.