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I agree If we didn’t remove trees, would aircraft still be able to get through?


Yes, aircrafts do not avoid trees.



No Dev log today?



For those who missed it…


Happy that jou notify us everytime (i don’t have twitter)


That’s exactly why I’m doing this! :smiley:


We don’t need a Twitter bot, we have you


If a webhook can be put in then i can make a clone of my ACEO Discord tweetbot to that webhook and they will appear here.



Devs have submitted the application! :smiley:


We’re almost there everybody :grin:


Damm school ended today, ACEO submitted application life is perfect.


30 days left, then! I’m still holding on hope that the 30 days SD gave is just a baseline figure and that they can actually get games approved in less time


The 30 days isnt to evaluate a game, it is to vet the developer’s company. There is a 1 or 2 day to evaluate a game, which the devs mentioned yesterday i think that they were unsure if that could be done during the 30 day window or needed to be after.


I do wonder if it could be relaxed in some instances - particularly for a game like Airport CEO which has amassed a reasonable following and was well received on the old Greenlight page (I’m sure it was one of the highest rated games that hadn’t gone into the Greenlight process). There could well be incentive for the time to be cut, particularly if it generates some good PR for Steam Direct (look at all the wonderful games we’re getting now!).

I won’t be foolish enough to expect it to be sooner than 30 days (being an Airport CEO fan, you quickly learn the art of patience!) but I’m quietly hoping for a slightly expedited journey.

But don’t take what I say as being even vaguely true - I’ve got a near 100% failure rate when it comes to predicting all things Airport CEO!


I hope you are right, but i suspect even if they would be cleared inside 30 days that they wouldn’t release until late July anyway. They will likey use this month to clean up code to improve the game and squash any remaining bugs. That way after release they can poll us to see what feature we want added next instead of going Sim Airport and using the first 3 or more months fixing a horribly early released game.


Retweeted by the devs, interesting video :wink:


Haven’t seen that one yet, but Feniks Tycoon news is good (of what I’ve seen) if you are into tycoon games. So cool to see the devs retweet it ^^.

Happened upon him luckily, since I’ve been missing out on updates on a lot of tycoon games etc. since Zhatt disappeared.