Airport CEO Social Media Feed


Devlog drops tomorrow! :slight_smile:


@Olof that moment when you’re copying and browsing as fast as you can to post the fresh tweet on the forum and notice that someone else already did :sob:


Haha, I just really wanted to beat you to it this time. :smiley:


Enjoy it while it lasts :smirk:


Noooooooooo! Just a little tidbit please, just a little one, just to hold us over until tomorrow. Just a few sentences, not much, just a bit man, just a little bit a little bump that’s all we need to hold us over.


We will talk about Steam Direct, time (as in in-game time) and the new taxiway construction system! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it - especially the new taxiway construction system.


All of the things sound interesting to me !


Can’t wait to read about how the delays of the Air Strada flight in vid 3 are being addressed via the time scale. Good stuff.


New devlog is out! (@Olof gotcha ;))


Haha. The official thread is the only thing that matters! :wink:



Is it snow or concrete ?


Snow, but texture not final.


Clouds - The great cement mixers of the sky!


Sorry didn’t ment it bad haha!


But yes snow texture needs more work.

It just looked like… Never mind… Public forum.



Our personal tweetbot! :slight_smile:

Edit: Could we at least get a screenshot? :sweat:


Now i can go to sleep haha!