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So we are switching to Tuesday’s blogs


I’m fine with the delay, but wondering what the work is they will tell us about. I think the developers are holding some features back, so we’ll be surprised on launch. Looking back on some images from earlier, there’s indication there are or will be windows in the game (a window icon is show in the selection screen). Also, there was a tease that there are moving sidewalks. So who knows what else could be there but they keeping quiet on.

Looking forward to release.


I have to say I’m happy that they are keeping surprises. As much as I like knowing everything, there is nothing like a good surprise.


No offence to the devs, they are doing a great job with the game and the regular updates. But this reminded me of a joke.
A foreigner is waiting for his train at a railway station in India. Since it had not reached at its scheduled time, he visits the Station Master’s office. He enquires about the train to which he gets the reply “It is on the way. It will be here soon”. He continues to wait, but getting irritated, he keeps visiting the office, and every time gets the same reply. Finally, he bursts out "I have been waiting over 2 hours and my train has not yet come! Besides, I have not seen a single train going through the entire time."
The Station Master replies " Calm down sir, it has been only 2 hours. Your train is running 3 hours late today. This is very normal. The other trains are late as well. That train there pointing at the train schedule is 4 hours late, that train is 2.5 hours late. They are all late. This is normal, happens every time."
The foreigner is still enraged. "Trains late everyday!? Then what’s the use of even having a schedule?"
The guy looks at him with a very confused expression. “But sir, if we have no schedule, then how will we know how late the train is today?”



Oh, I almost beat you to it! :triumph: :disappointed:


Nuts. I’m already late to the party.


No offence taken, that’s a fun story and completely applicable on the dev log delays! xD


Twitter update:


Ohh boy could today be the day !? :sweat_smile::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems likely


I don’t wanna be in the skin of the SimAirport developers right now :joy:

Getting your ass kicked by two newbies?! :wink: Ouch.


Literally got distracted from my food. Please be tomorrow (Today)!!!


It looks promising, but until the game is live and has delivered… i wouldn’t call it an ass kicking :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re two people… until recently not even “really trying” and yet their concept and professionalism is (at least) in comparison outstanding.

I definetely would feel my butt red and hurt. :smiley:


Sim Airport developers must be drinking bleach right now…


Well, that would be a little drastic… :smiley:


Much more exciting than the release of exam result


Why on earth would they be doing that?