Airport Designs


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I agree. There should be a different thread for each design under a new sub forum.
Difficult to find designs among so many comments. Also difficult to follow which comments are for which design


Maybe more important once the game is out. I’d quite like to have a thread showing off my own airports, and I think many others would agree!

Maybe one thread per user in a dedicated sub-category?


I will use the steam forums to upload my design once the game is out, but maybe also put it here. But yes, it really should be a thread per design.


So this is my ambitious design for my larger airport, and I am not confident my rig could handle this monster. There are 57 gates, and 27 of them are medium sized. This is sorta similar to Orlando International Airport where the gates are in circle shapes, however, the security would actually be in the main terminal and then you would be sent by train after security to the gates. I of course do not know the ratio of different item sizes so I am sure some adjustment would be necessary, and I assume I probably do not have enough ticket decks or baggage claim belts, so a doubling of those is easy, the terminal just stretches left and right. Good number of facilities for staff and pax, and plenty of shopping and eating options, and the pax flow should be solid. Runways same as my last, above the airport running east and west and another to the side running north and south.

As before, let me know what you think!


Having your security like that with the duty free on the far side means that you’d have to have the same shops in each part so that people can access the right services. Also you’re cutting off 60% of the market for each shop. It might be an idea to move security into the corridor going up to the central node.


Yea that is something to consider for sure. I am not sure how vendor contracts work, if you can assign the same vendor to more than 1 shop space or not. Each wing has a lot of traffic so I am not super concerned about that, but I was playing around with the central security hub a bit before I posted.


Game needs to release soon so I don’t go crazy making airport designs, need to test these guys out. Anyway, my next iteration is a more compact design with 30 gates, and the airside stuff all in the center. Access across the security zone for both wings just in case certain vendors cannot be replicated, and again facilities and dining for people waiting for baggage claim. This design includes a duel taxiway coming out of the center section so planes shouldn’t have to wait often for an open lane.


Loving the designs mate. Hope to see them all created in game. Your first one was close to something I had in mind!


Thanks, it’s been fun putting thought to paper. I have one more in mind but may not have free time to sketch out before game release.


Love all the designs so far. Many are on similar lines that I was planning. I also planned how to start with the simplest operatable airport and slowly expand from there.
Anyway, here is a point that no one has incorporated yet in the designs.

Check in counters like Heathrow T5. As shown here at around 41:20

I guess it would be as simple as keeping 1-2 tile space between the counters for people to pass. For baggage belt, use 1 tile to transition from above ground belt at check in desk to an underground belt running across the back of all the counters.
May not be the best solution for a large number of counters, but should be quite efficient for smaller number.
Then right behind that would be security and then into the secure zone.

@Thorozar, @thetuque, any chance of a rendering of what that may look like?


Very impressive designs! If you dont’t mind, I’m going to copy some of them for tonight’s build testing…


I have so many designs busying around my head that I may explode! That said I hope you guys release before August 12th… I’ve gotta have something to do on my transatlantic flight haha


Any chance of a screenshot posted of some of the designs in action?


Please do, i took the day off and am working on another too.


I will take a look at the video then see what alterations i can make to one of my designs.


Only if you share a screenshot :slight_smile: