Airport Designs


Does Airport CEO support multiple security areas like the “Orlando” design shown here? Does A* path finding look to the gate, or the security, then does it find closest security and go there? In other words, would a peep go to the nearest security, go through, then have to go back out when it then tries to find a path to the gate?

I like the airport designs by the way.


Thank you for al the inspiration , loving your designs


Does Airport CEO support multiple security areas like the “Orlando” design shown here?

Devs said there are not multiple secure zones at the moment.


Yea if that’s the case i would need to move my security down the main hall before it branches into the 3 concourses. I sort of planned for that possibility with having that hallway pretty barren.


Scaling for your drawings:

  • a small stand is 5 x 5 large square and with the road piece they’re 5 x 7.
  • a large stand is 10 x 8 large squares, and with the road piece, they’re 10 x 10

Each large square is made up of 4 x 4 small squares. Small squares are the width of walls, bathroom stalls, single doors, etc. So a large stand is 40 small title - if each is considered a 1m metre square, then a large stand is 40 m wide. This is about right as the wing span of a 737 is 37 metres.

So this means for gates for a 747 - we would need a stand that is 65 metres wide and 80 metres long, so 18 x 20 large tiles, plus 2 for the road, giving 18 x 22 (likely 20 x 22 as it’s makes it easier for building). An A380 would need 85 metres by 80 metres long - so 22 large tiles by 22 large tiles. So I could see a large stand being made at 22 x 22 large tiles to handle all widebody jets.

Taxiway is 5 large tiles wide and the small runway look about the same width.

Road lanes are 1 large tile wide, two lane roads are 2 large tiles wide


Nice, thanks for the info! I assumed my ratios were probably off so my sketches are more for where stuff would go, and terminal width and length would all be adjusted to meet the design.


Although I think there can be multiple security areas, provided they all lead to the same secure zone.


I was actually working on something like that earlier this day, this is what I got so far, it’s a small airport, but from this form it would be easy to expand. The concept was to get people as fast as possible true security, therefore limited space at checking-in and only 2 little coffeecorners for visitors who pick-up people(future feature I suppose/hope) The dotted line at check-in is the underground baggage belt.


Nice design!


Nice designs, which programs are you guys using?


Tried a different terminal setup here, a lot smaller non-secure area and my biggest change was having baggage claim on the secure side. As with all my airports, designed with MS Paint because I am too cheap to buy Photoshop, and my trial expired. MS Paint works great for this however so it’s all good.

I have not had a chance to look at that video for the check-in desk suggestion from earlier. Hope to get time now that this one is on the books.


I’m using Coreldraw. It’s a vector based program. Easy for layering and undoing or changing existing lines.


Interesting design. Great paint skills. But isn’t the entrance a bit small for busses to arrive?


It might be, as with all my designs i would just adjust width as needed since none of mine are to game object scale.


Ambitious. My one thought is where people enter having gates on those sides might complicate things. It looks pretty cramped already with having to take into account the taxiways.


Very possible, this last design has the worst pax flow of any of mine I thought. I can’t wait to test these all and see how they perform.


Presenting to YOU, the Small Airport. A great starting airport for any city. The three small gates can handle business and regional flights. The large gate together with the possibility to have customs makes charter flights possible. Simply all you need for a functional airport*. Layout made in SketchUp with real dimensions**.

  • For a functional airport you will also need other objects not shown in the picture
    ** Dimensions taken from the first gameplay video, faulty and changes of objects measurements may have occurred
    I do not take responsibility for your airport’s bankruptcy or you being fired because of you following this layout



Very nice design and beautiful format and program!:heart_eyes:


I really like this design! It’s compact, which ensures that no space is wasted. It’s all very functional! I would just add a bit more spacing at the gates for some extra seats.


Not good if you want to expand however… Security encroaches on the check-in areas. So this is good if the airport has low demand that’s likely to stay low…