Airport Designs


My first design to actual game scale. The stands are the size indicated in an earlier post, and the other things like desks, gate benches, security stations, etc are all the size seen in video 1. Top terminal can be stretched left and right as required, or omitted.


Well, expansion would be possible to the left, no? Extra check-in counters at the bottom left and more security at the top?


Thanks for the kind words. I did not plan for expanding the airport but it is possible.

Made this hastily. Probably should expand baggage claim as well. The big red area after security is duty free and to its left a lounge. Also followed @JeremyK advice and added more space at the gates. :slight_smile:


Could also build a kind of pier on the left hand side, giving you a few extra stands when lateral expansion is no longer practical.


Do you know which post/page has those sizes indicated?


A post on this thread:


Scale version of my 3rd design, and probably my first airport I will build in game. I updated the graphics as well so it looks much nicer. Incorporated the security checks right behind the ticket counters per @vikhattangady suggestion. Enjoy.


Maybe link the two centre taxiways rather than keep them separate? It might be a good way to alleviate congestion for the internal gates because you can have two operations?


Wonder if i join them at a few points if planes would cross over if there is traffic, good suggestion. Since the devs redid taxiways after the last video it’s difficult to know how they may function with different scenarios.

Could also add a third taxiway in the middle and move the 2 there now a bit closer to the terminal. Might be the best solution.


Yeah that is what I thought, and I think with the modified taxiway system you’d just have tarmac with two lanes?

I only suggest it because at my home airport (Melbourne) there are only single lanes between piers, and for an airport of 35mil passengers it gets very congested during rush hour. So planes have to hold further out while they wait for others to be backed out and complete their preflight checks etc.


It’s sad that this is almost exactly the plan I was thinking of for my airport…
Someone got there first.:disappointed:


I would like to do something like this. Its very simple, but functional. :wink:


Great suggestion, i went ahead and added a middle lane between them with an additional intersection midway. I uploaded the edit to the OP.

I also do intend on having 2 or 3 taxi lanes away from the gates, so on the edges of the map there will be at least 1 more complete taxi lane. Maybe I will just draw the entire map if I get bored. I first want to edit all my other old ones to get them to game scale.


Is this still in paint? If so, it is pretty amazing that you can do something like this.

I was planning to try and design using powerpoint. Prepare the graphics for stands, taxiway etc to scale (pretty much like you did) and save them as clip art or the like. Copy paste and position them using built in grid lines, and some sort of a snap to grid option.

Haven’t got time to explore that option yet so not sure if it is even possible. If i have any success, will share here.


Yea it is in MS Paint. I did like you plan, I drew the templates and set them off to the side of the map, then copied and pasted into position.


You went one further and added a third lane, nice. I think it’ll just give your airport more options during those busy rush hours!


My earlier designs updated to scale and added in taxiways near the terminals. Enjoy!


I love the amount of work and the level of detail that you have put into your designs.
I happened to catch a small point that you may have missed, so I thought I would share.
Especially on the Regional and Municipal airport, you would have to shift some of the stands(and everything with it) 1 tile over to add some service roads to connect up the different stuff. The stands come with a 2 lane service road built in, but between the stands and baggage depot (especially on the inner stands) you would need to add servive roads


Loving all the designs @Thorozar :slight_smile: I have a couple of thoughts.

I think you might have gone a little bit overboard with the taxiways flanking all the gates now, I think 3 layers might be a bit excessive. I only say that because practically in real life, it’s probably not that economical to have that many near the gates because I think at least one of them will remain unused most of the time. I could be wrong, but just a thought.

The only other thing with Thor National Airport is that you’re not leaving yourself much room to expand landside operations should the airport get busy. Namely pickup/dropoff and the internal road network, because of the taxiways and terminal flanking either side.

That all said, I can’t wait to see these airports in game!


Good catch guys on the service roads, I knew I forgot something in a few of them. Also probably should reduce the taxiways by 1 in several parts. Just got in a habit without putting much thought into a few spots.

Made the suggested improvements, thanks for the eagle eyes!

Also in the international airport, the two long lines in the corridors to each concourse is for moving walkways, not sure if they still exist in the game as it was not featured in anything but a .gif a while back.