Airport Designs


All looks great!

And yes I’m pretty sure the moving walkways still exist, but your corridors might not be wide enough for a pair going each way plus corridor for people to walk down normally?


I believe they still are even if the walkway is wider than a square. If not they can easily be widened as I left some space.


I think it’s clear by these amazing designs we need to get the alpha out to let us play! :rofl:

My airport is sketched out on a piece of paper on my desk waiting for August to happen… :slight_smile:

Great idea sharing everyone!


Hi guys, I am definitely late to the party, but here is my Airport Layout designer:
Mine is PowerPoint based, which I find easier to use since objects are easy to place, move around and resize.
There is some complexity involved since you will have to manually do what the game would do automatically (like placing intersections), so I have given some instructions in the file. If any more help is required, let me know.

Although the life of this may be short lived as we expect the game to come out within a couple of weeks, not necessarily. I think this can always be helpful for someone whi has access to a computer, but not necessarily the one on which the game is installed (like when travelling).

And I have not yet used this to make my own designs yet, so I welcome any feedback from the community.

Edit: I just started designing my first airport, and I realised that the canvas space that I have is hilariously tiny. About 10 gates in, and I have no space to finish the terminal design.


This is incredible! Really good job! This gives everyone the opportunity to sketch out there first airports without the scaling mistakes.


Whoa! I love this! :smile: Thank you so much for this! This is really a great tool for the community.


if you add drag and droppable buildings and an animation for aircraft. Boom! Sell that on Steam! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Everyone, I made some changes on the sheet that @vikhattangady made. The edits I made are in the sheet.

Airport layout designer (Edit):

I’m willing to help @vikhattangady to improve the sheet. So if you have any idea’s send them to me or (most likely) to @vikhattangady because he is the founder of this sheet.

I wish everyone a good day

Please don’t mind the spelling mistakes. I’m dutch so there are probably a few :stuck_out_tongue:


You might think this is stupid but I will be focusing on GA a LOT and try to base my first airport on “Owosso International” (Its a small GA airport in my city where a lot of airshows are held. We call it “International” as a joke.)


I look forward to seeing how a GA only airport works.


Theses Airports have Two Floors which is not in the game, I love to build this Airport…
Southwest Florida International Airport


Same, but mine is relatively small probably only 300 feet max but it has a flight school and as mentioned holds an airshow every other year or so. I wonder if airshows will ever be in the game modded or not I would love that!


Here is my first attempt at an airport I would like to make. It is similar to a local airport, albeit much smaller. This would be my first attempt, and then grow it from here. Also I included the new one road coming in instead of the road across the map. Thoughts and suggestions?


I like it.


When your small airport is not enough, go international! Rushed the finishing touches of this one so I know some faults and there are probably some more :wink:


What program do you guys use to design?


I think they use MS paint (Microsoft Paint).


There is also a powerpoint being used


Thank you so much! Such an amazing community <3


Your forgetting one thing… most of that airport is diagonal…:stuck_out_tongue: