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So I’m currently sitting at gatwick airport after a long flight from Hong Kong, I can’t afford to fly business class however I do like to pay for lounges on long trips so I can have a shower and generally make myself feel better.

I’m assuming airport lounges are a given for the game? But what role will we play in this?
Could we also have the ability to design the lounge…

The reason I ask as I usually enjoy airport lounges and feel great, for example the one ‘general’ one in Auckland (not airline specific) is outstanding but I had a terrible experience in Hong Kong, it as terribly over crowded And I couldn’t even find a place to sit. It got me thinking about this game which I’ve followed closely, wouldn’t it be a good idea to also design and set the cost of airport lounges and also keep that class of passenger happy.

Also will some airlines themselves be requesting they have space for a lounge?

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Totally agree. That would be awsome if we could place Airport Lounges…


Seems like a feature that would eventually be added, but not in the first release.

The idea though is really neat!


It could be a clause with signing airline contracts.

For an airline to agree to a contract at your airport, you agree to a clause that you will zone space for airline lounge. Perhaps you could zone an entire area for all airlines to share, or you could zone separate spaces for each airline to use. If you’re a smaller, regional airport, you choose the former, and if you are/become an international airport, you can eventually choose the latter, dezone the shared lounge and give each airline lounge space.


I would have thought some form of lounge aspect but would available in release 1 of the game, they are a massive part of airports now.

Yeah I like the idea of a clause. Even if you didn’t design the lounge, but at least zoned out an area…


You agree that an airline can use your lounge, but the more airlines you have assigned to a lounge the more unhappy your passengers are, so when it gets too many you have to zone out or build another.

Ideas that I have came up with

Lounges will indeed be a part of the initial release. Currently they are built as zones, but that makes no sense and they will be converted into rooms similar to how you build a bathroom or a restaurant. And just like restaurants and bathrooms, you will design everything yourself. There’ll be a special panel for lounges where you assign a lounge to a certain airline with which you have an accepted contract, and just as Bigboy said, in some cases it’ll be a clause of the contract to provide the airline with a lounge.

Lounges will most likely host business passengers and first class passengers (perhaps some lucky coach passengers as well), which is an aspect that is implemented but not yet simulated.

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Are there plans to operate your own lounge which is run by your airport? You could charge people to have access to it


Sounds like it based in their response, design etc is pretty much the same.

That’s awesome news, now please take our money so we can help test this game :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you please make a video showing the game for just 10 minutes and explaining some things,that would be great for the huge fans on ACEO tha can not wait to release rhe game(im one of them)


This is in the pipeline of upcoming things, the devs want to have most of the major things finished before they make this video


You are a big fan of ACEO and PA and always active on the forum like me?


Yeah, I can’t wait for ACEO to be released, I also play a bit of PA, and yes I don’t neccaseraly reply to everything but I have definitely read everything on here!


I love to watch travel/trip reports on YouTube of people who’s flying on First or Business class. But one thing I like too, is to see the different lounges they goes to before departure.

When I was watching the first gameplay video, when they made one of the shops, I was immediatly thinking that it could be awesome for us to be able to create lounges for First or Business class passengers, and - just like the staff room - being able to select which passenger types are able to enter the lounge. There could be three different types of passengers: First, Business and Economy class passengers.

I would love to see this in the future.


I believe in real world, the airlines rent space in the airport to build their own lounge for their own passages. Or Star Alliance allow their alliance’s passages to share the lounge.

So in game, should the airport be renting out space and provide facility to the airlines in exchange of money?

Just a suggestion. :smiley:


True that could be done, however that would mean they then design their own lounge and I was hoping of having the ability to design our own.

Unless… there are two options for lounges, 1 - Rent the space and the lounges come ready made by the airlines (for those that can’t be bothered to make their own) 2 - Create your own lounges and the money comes from the people that use the lounge.


I think the answer to what you’re potentially asking is about 10 posts up in the response from Olof :stuck_out_tongue: