Airport of the Year feature doesn't work

What else should I do to get the achievement?

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I arrived the achievement after many Ingame-Years of playing.

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Many 95%+ Average years?

It’s still running in background by the way, has been 5 years already. Still no joy

Yes, many 95%+ Years.
I’m playing the same way, start the game let it running in background the hole day.

After 272 Years i’ve got only three mails with the information about this, the last was in Year 244.

Considering that an in-game year on the triple speed is about 105 real minutes… That’s huge actually!

I guess I’ll try for 5 years more before I give up

What is displayed in the left top corner when you press F10, “Archievements valid True” oder “Archievements valid false”?
If it is false you will never get any archievement in this save-game.


It’s True and all other achievements are working

Ok, now i have no more ideas. ^^

Just for the history and people who, like me, will be trying to google a solution

It either completely broken or you have to run the game for a whole month of real-life time. I was running it for 7 in-game years on 98%ish average rating with no joy. Not even a single clue if there is any progress or not

bug report number MERCURY-44824

Any insight on this @Alexander?

FYI - After 30 years i get the next message with “Airport of the Year”.

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Do you still have the first such message? I’m just curious what year you got it

I mean, how many years you had been flying at 95% before you got the award

Unfortunately i haven’t the message any more.
I play this savegame for about 10 months or so.