AirportCEO Mod Manager Tutorial Videos - How to download ACEOMM - How to setup - How to create liveries - How to share liveries with ACEOMM Staff


All of these questions’ answers are here:

Setup Tutorial (for both Steam Workshop and Native Mod):

How to Create Livery and Send them to ACEOMM Tutorial:

I hope it will he helpful.

Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion
Not getting any contract offers
Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion
Grey Ocean

Siri plays ACEOMM :scream: jokes aside, looks great; thanks!

P.S. digging your forum theme…


Really good tutorial :slight_smile:

Now how do I twist your arm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: to do a followup video of how to add actual airlines files to the MM (Like I have a couple I want to put into ACEOMM myself that can’t be shared via ACEOMM due to copyright of the images used)


Thanks for the video, this is the first time I figured out how to use it. I had been hitting the wrong button before.


This is how a Mid-USA municipal airport with 3 gates and bunch of subsidary IRL airlines would look like (I guess)

  • Place your own livery files in the Liveries folder, under the correct aircraft. (So i.e. under Airbus/A320 add a folder MyQantasLiveries)
  • In that folder put the png image and a liveryData.json file
  • optional put an identification.json
  • Open ACEOMM
  • if you have a correct identification.json, you can press the Update button to link the livery
  • If not, open the airline (double click it), go to the airline tab and add your livery there
  • install the mod containing your airline


Thank you, I will give that a go when I get a little time… (work pressure)


I have activated the European MOD, but it do not seem that I do get any kind of airline contracts or other contracts…

I got Construction and Fuel contracts but not real airline contracts as the mod should do…

I only get contracts with the default companies not the modded ones…


Hi airway88,

To get liveries in the game, you have to download them first :slight_smile: (It’s 200+ Mb)

  • Make sure you have the latest ACEOMM.exe
  • Download the liveries folder from the Google Drive where you got ACEOMM from.
  • Extract the liveries in the ACEOMM data folder
  • Open ACEOMM and click ‘Update’
  • This will link the liveries to the airlines
  • Click ‘Install mod’

You should now see liveries :slight_smile:


So Airlines only works when you got the liveries installed?

That means that I will get airline contracts after I download liveries?


And new ACEOMM.exe


The latest version is downloaded and ready…

But where do I put the liveries folder?


Place it under “Data” folder in extracted ACEOMM. If everything goes correct you won’t see any errors when you click “Update”


Even with all liveries and the latest version of AECOMM I do NOT get any Airline Contracts at all…

I need to activate default companies to get airline contracts, I do not get contracts with Norwegian, Wizzair, British Airways, KLM and so on :confused:

I have no idea whats wrong :confused:

  • Can you post a screenshot of the DataFiles\Companies\Europe\Airlines\Adria Airways folder in your ACEO game folder?
    That way i can check if the liveries are installed correctly



That looks as i would expect, so it seems you did everything right :slight_smile:

If you are working with an older save, could you try and click the ‘Regenerate contracts’ button in the F10 menu?


That helped to regenerate contracts :slight_smile:

Now I do get real airline contracts :slight_smile:
Thank you for the help! :smiley:


Glad i could help. Have fun



I am trying to use the mod manager and am having difficulty with downloading the file from the google drive and opening it to see the application. any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!