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Unfortunalety video tutorial is outdated. In future a new tutorial video will be created but for now you can follow these steps:

Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion

It looks like when I try to download the first file it appears as this and I’m not able to unzip the file. What do I need to change to allow me to unzip the file?



Try with 7-zip program.


Hello today I tried to put the airline into play. shops and banks is good. The contracts of the airline are not displayed. All created according to the instructions above. Can you help me, please? Thank you


Hi, welcome. Have you had a look here?


thank you my error, I have version update to


thank you my error, I have version update to

I am glad it is solved. Soon new AirportCEO version with Steam Workshop support will be released and then I will make a new tutorial video.


Everything works well. Thank you for your help


I added the proper tutorial videos. I hope they would be useful for community.