Airside Bus, leaving 2-3% of customers behind

Hello All,

I’ve noticed that sometimes an airside bus will leave passengers behind, though correctly it may seem if they have missed boarding. The issue is however the aircraft will then stay parked on the stand until forced to pushback (using the dismiss function).

Is this mean’t to happen? Given that boarding will close and the agents will abandon the gate, therefore the missing passengers have no chance of actually boarding?

Not sure if this is a minor bug or not :slight_smile:

Assuming the idea is, that the airside bus will leave the gate for the stand, once either all passengers are on the bus, or if we are getting very close to departure time and then any passengers that fail to board by that time return out of the secure area having missed their flight?


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This is a known issue that will be patched in beta, as you correctly identify in your last paragraph that is how the system is intended (and will) work! :slight_smile:


Cool thanks - one step ahead of me :slight_smile:

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