Airside Operations

Feature request title:

Airside Operations


I was thinking it would be good to have an airside operations team.

They would have a new car type like a 4x4 style vehicle
Their responsibilities would be:
Marshaling aircraft at remote stands
Clearing birds and scaring them away
Runway checks where they drive up and down checking for damage and litter
Follow me duties, guiding aircraft to stands when they are unfamiliar with the airport

With the following they can report to the CEO and you choose the next course of action:

Runway repairs: so when the runway condition gets down to a certain percent they will go along close it for a while and repair it. You then get the option to delay aircraft coming in or cancel flights to accommodate, or if you have more than 1 runway you can then change the remaining runways to accept arriving and departing aircraft.

Taxi way repairs: Similar to the above, they can close a section of taxi way which will then mean the ceo has to make sure the aircraft has a way to move around the closure, may mean removing one way signs or making sure when planning there are alternative routes in place.

Stand repairs: As above really, they can report to you and you can then plan the schedule, move aircraft around to ensure the stand has enough time to be fixed.

Runway checks: when they are doing their checks they can report to you to say it is in good condition no action needed. Or they might come back to you and say urgent work is needed, the ceo can then decide to ignore the advise and let the runway deteriorate even more or take action then with a small fix which would have little impact on the runways use.

This could be one of the needs to open up your airport to commercial flights. Start with one car as a minimum and as the airport grows so does the operations team.

Why it should be implemented:

This would give more depth to the CEO role, the actions you tell your airside operations team to take will impact on what happens later on down the line, choose to ignore what they say then the runway will be out of action for 5 hours while it is being repaired.


I did a “My idea list (long post)” thread where I discussed all those idea so obviously I like what you talk about here, though my idea is a little more in depth as this isn’t a single new type of vehicle but rather a lot of different jobs with a lot of tasks, even runway care is split into many sub tasks based on real life operations.
You can find them in the “Non aeroclub/general ideas” part of my post.