Airside Shuttle Bus Two Problems

  1. When placing a Airside Shuttle Bus Stop the part where the bus pulls in is not automatically made as a secure zone. This stops passengers leaving the stop until that part has also been made as a secure zone. Would be better if the entire stop was made as a secure zone when placing it.

  2. Quite frequently a bus will arrive early for departing passengers and wait in the Airside Shuttle Bus Stop. This then causes the bus with arriving passengers to queue behind it waiting. In the meantime this causes massive traffic jams to queue up behind this stopping other vehicles from reaching their destinations. This is also happening with the service car stops, where other service cars will queue behind waiting and block other road traffic.


Regarding item 1 it is automatically zoned as secure. It does not show that however until a door is put into place.

Bus piles up, yeah.


That pile up is realy anoying and the main reason for most of my delays.

The devs should make the allready implemented bus stand a “small airside busstand”, wich only allows 2 connected stands.

then there should be a medium one, with a seperated waiting space for incoming and outgoing busses, something like the baggage system.


The easiest solution would be that boarding of the bus starts as soon as the bus arrives on the airside bus stand. shouldnt be to much coding, or am i wrong?