Airspace/Air Traffic Control Update

Feature request title:
Airspace Update

Add a new map/option to see our air space, our air traffic, and decide approach and departure paths.

Why it should be implemented:
Well, take your pick… First off, this is an integral part of an airport. While your ATC in game is “self sufficient”, there needs to be a way to see approaches of aircraft (simply a radar version would work) and it can open up many options. Aircraft sometimes return to the airport. Some aircraft are diverted to airports. Some aircraft are grounded, etc etc. By giving us a radar, we could get a notification on certain things and opt to let them land immediately or not. After all, all aircraft are not always on time. Sometimes they’re early, sometimes late. This option could add to that.

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Simply an idea similar…


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sounds cool

Sorry but this is an airport management game not an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) game.

The options for flights like delay or diverted flights sounds good but the view is definetly not a must have.
At the best it is a nice feature.

Let they do their work on the main airport features first before asking for any features that do not have anything to do with the main idea of airport managing.



I think that diversion and more realistic delays will come on gameplay update/ panic update, when weather actually plays role in your airport, and planes can’t land, they divert to nearest international airport.

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