Allow ramp agents to preset a stand for anticipated arrivals

Option to allow ramp agents to prepare a stand for aircraft arrival (15/30/45/60) minutes before the flight arrives.

In real-life ramp operations, GSE is often “prepped” or moved from stand to stand by ramp agents during downtime in between flights.

I would like the option available to have ramp agents who are not currently assigned to active duties to seek out ground service equipment that is no longer required at a current stand, and position it at the next upcoming stand, given the flight planner. This could possibly be included into their idle logic, smoothing airport ops for everyone without having to set an option.

Especially looking forward to large aircraft, allowing the baggage that has cleared check-in to be moved to the stand where it will be eventually loaded could make for much quicker turnarounds, and mirrors closely real airport operations.

Does this make sense? I welcome your feedback!


Yes yes yes!

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here goes my vote !

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But in-game GSE aren’t staffed by ramp agents. (the idea is still relevant though)

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What? Are ramp agents not driving the GSE?

No kidding? Who is driving the GSE?

I think @4B54 meant the GPU and ACU, which aren’t moved at all but spawned when the aircraft reaches the gate. The other vehicles don’t need workers, but there is an ramp agent Sprite on them. The salary of the driver is presumably included in the running cost of the vehicle

This has definitely thrown me off, as I assumed my hired ramp agents were driving them. Do we know if this behavior is final, or will vehicles behave as vehicles, rather than entities?