Alpha 35 Experimental?

When will it be released on experimental? I’m guessing the devs are not sure at the moment but I am quite eager to get Alpha 35 to build my airport.

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They are testing and fixing it internally, we should wait and give the chance to get the game stable until the release :slight_smile:

Yes I know we should be patient I was just wondering if there was a projected date/time

As far as I know, they haven’t released a date, because it would put pressure on them to release it before it was ready. The only reason I could see that they would offer a date was if they already had the update ready and wanted to build suspense.

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During Devblog 148, Olof said he hoped that alpha 35 would be released before the next Dev blog. Since Dev blogs are released on average every two weeks and the last one is released on April 5, that leaves a window for the end of next week or even the start of the week after.

Afterwards, it is only a suppostion.
I also expect a lot from alpha 35 and seeing that I have a lot of time to reflect during confinement … :rofl:

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Hope you aren’t in a jail cell in solitary confinement for loving this game too much :wink:

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In the discussion under the last devblog on steam the devs mentioned on 9th April that:

Alpha 35 will go live on the experimental branch within a week.

Well seen :grinning:

There was no dev blog for 3 or 4 weeks prior to last dev Blog